Motivation….Adderall Free

How intimidating a first post can be. Mind you, this is not the first post, or post blog for that matter, that I’ve entertained. This may be the 13th time I try. But before that, I used Now I’m serious: WordPress, baby.

It is now clear to me what I have to do in life to keep that balance we all need.  It is also clear how near-impossible it is to do it without a straight jacket.  What we deal with: the crappy diets we grew up with that we are just now accepting (or rejecting) how horrible we were treating ourselves, the overworked, under-paid jobs we have, the number of friends we can’t keep up with, the personal hobbies collecting dust, the doctor appointments we’re too sick to schedule, the paradoxical idling television ritual we have that paralyzes us more.

Here I am sharing my struggles with you and I have no idea how I’m to keep motivated and keep a soothing blogging voice, when I am no longer eligible to take Adderall.  Most of my adolescent and adult life I’ve been popping back addies for my lack of concentration and motivation. Thanks to my recent diagnoses, I’ve come to know that my fogginess and attention to bright, shiny things is a reaction to a food allergy.  My skippity-do husband gets to continue his legitimate jump-start prescription, while me and my little cloud have not only been cut off from my electric life force, but also coffee and average amounts of sugar. I can hear your tears drop on your cheek.

Yes, it all sounds like one big complaint. Wait… here comes the perky twist. Without gluten, I’m the most alert and accountable I’ve been since I can remember. Sucks for me! Now there are responsibilities, projects to undertake, socks that won’t pair themselves.  A steady diet  really does help poor memory.  This time I really will have to follow through. As a matter of fact, when I’m done with this post, I will sign up with the Post a Week that WordPress is hosting.

What this blog will pretend to be about:

– Describe the good and bad of dealing with autoimmune conditions

– Share articles, tidbits, products, links that help improve health overall

– Try out allergen friendly recipes from gluten-free to nightshade vegetable free

-Post pictures of my awesome cats and other photography experiences I dabble with along the way

-Sarah Palianinze words when it feels appropriate

-Laugh along with all the other housewives who have so much to accomplish in so little time in limited circumstances, whatever they   may be, i.e. single parents, disease, school, fatigue, bing’d out

-Let you in on some of my hilarious approaches, by way of anecdote, on how to improve oneself, nesting skills, organization,  accomplishments, run a home, and keep the house smelling like ocean breeze in the most easiest ways possible, and maybe suck at it


Don’t take my word for it, but I have a good feeling about this.


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