A Berry Intense Smoothie for a Berry Berry Intense Day

Today was some day. I don’t have as many bad days as you suspect. Not anymore. But it was some day.

I don’t let poor health define a bad day, otherwise, I’d have them commit me where in a place where I can stare at barred windows, eat my green jello, and swallow Haldol everyday. Sad days aren’t necessarily bad either, until its sad news with effects of a shelf-life lasting more than 12 hours. Lupus is not a reason to be down every day.  At least I’m here typing and not dictating narrative through a computer mouthpiece like Steven Hawking’s. I accept the disease. What I don’t accept… is the monarchical insurance business doing whatever the hell they want with my money and health!

No, a certifiable bad day means when I’ve been done wrong.  When the rage monster kicks in.  When I have no control over situations that are, for lack of a more refined word, idiotic.

Continuing my Russian novel about this Interstitial Cystitis ordeal that has already been irresponsibly delayed about eight days, now the “procedure” will have to be postponed another 10-plus days.  Coventry Insurance requires a 10-day Authorization wait. The waiting period to purchase a fire arm in Florida is 3 days! Be grateful you cannot see the vein gorging out from my forehead. I had already stopped taking the Tylenol/Percocet pain killers I need to tolerate my job. One would argue, “But its only been one day!”. Then I would refute, but I woke up this morning feeling like I was kicked and beaten down by Crips and Bloods, causing me to arrive late to the job funding my “procedure”, that the kind people at Coventry told me is covered, but they may or may not pay it at the time of the claim.

Since this ordeal started, I have had to get off a natural detoxification/lymphatic drainage treatment that was improving my health wonderfully.  Pain and inflammation still occurred, but my days were increasingly manageable and gearing up to the second phase, immune suppresion.  Now I’m off the treatment, running out of pain medication, running out of budget, and getting to work late most mornings. I’m sure everyone suspects this, but let me reiterate how hard it is to think straight when you’re in severe pain!  And yes, I’m accentuating consonants to the point that the keyboard is spitting! Loud Noises!

*stops to take a deep breath and create a multi-sensory happy place*

Well, what’s done is done. The bout of anger in me is going to have to put on the dunce cap, because being upset creates more headaches, exhaustion, and ‘poofy face’. I’ll handle this tomorrow and see what my options are.

For today, I must rise above my BF (b*tch fit), take care of myself, and center my whacked out chi.  When I cannot take anymore narcotics for inflammation, food is my medicine.

Let thy food be thy medicine.  -Hippocrates

I try to include anti-inflammatory foods in all my meals with the exception of occasional sliding.  With ruffled feathers, I marched myself into Walmart and started immediately calming down as I found myself selecting healing foods.  Usually I take the time to bargain shop, buy seasonally, get whats on sale. Today I went straight to the frozen section (No cans. I’m not sure why, but I can’t tolerate canned foods.) where everything was in one isle, loaded up the cart. I hastily needed to dine on berries, get a little boost, and get to move my joints freely! No serious chopping required.

I had gotten the idea and reminder to eat smart from this well-informed blogger earlier. I will be making a Fatigue Fightin’ Smoothie similar to hers in that it’s made with fruits packed with antioxidants and other amazing properties. It will be experimental because I loved her spinach idea! Just add fat-free plain greek yogurt and ice:


But here are the ones I bought, and I did the work for you if you want to know what are their beneficial properties. I always look up a fruit when I’m enjoying it. Oh Poo! I forgot the kiwis. Without further ado, Fruity Fruits!:

Strawberries (I lied, I got these got in produce, on sale, and left the frozen bag in the fruit area. That ain’t right.):










The wild card, Spinach:


As you read (if you curiously explored the links), all the fruits ending in ‘ies’ are chock-full of home remedies.  You don’t have to be ill to benefit highly from a blend of berries.  If you’re extra tired lately, suspect chronic fatigue syndrome, suffer headaches, have arthritis, bursitis, or any autoimmune condition, it will only make life easier to drink these more regularly.  As a matter of fact, if you need more energy, drop all white bread and white rice, and if you’re really intent on getting healthy, all bread and wheat products for a few days so that the fruits and veggies can start working through your blood, muscles, and joints without interference.  Had I not been sticking a healthy diet, I would’ve been incarcerated for assault and battery to innocent bystanders after today’s emotional frustrations.  But after being on a doctor-ordered anti-inflammatory diet, hard situations are a little bit clearer and easier to put in perspective.

I leave you with that. Off to do some zenful Classical Stretch.

*Later that night:

Fightin Fatigue Smoothie

In a Dewar’s glass none the less. It was rich and delicious. I used less yogurt, 2 large tablespoons. No spinachy taste, but all the Popeye’d benefits. It was delish! I’ll put Robeks out of business.


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