Pacing myself, Schmacing myself

Living with chronic fatigue and inflammation, the trick is to learn how to pace yourself. Pacing myself is something I’ve never known and might never learn.

Tonight, there is no in-depth and motivated housewifing or organic products to share.  I left work a few minutes earlier so that I may go home and rest since I felt some stress shoving up against the threshold.  The plan was nap, then exercise, then housewife.

But once I was home free, it was so breezy and sunny out….

The plan turned into: go shopping for things that weren’t on the list, reorganize the pantry, refry yesterday’s batch of black beans, make dinner, wash dishes, pass out hopelessly at 6pm with swelling from head to toe, swollen throat and mild flu-like symptoms.

Dang it.

My strength may or may not pick up again and the inflammation may or may not decrease.  At this point, I have to coddle my bratty immune system if there exists any chance of finishing my plans or I’ll end up watching all of Wednesday’s NBC line up.  If I do feel better, I’ll be making more celery juice for wellness and taking advantage of some exotic plants I found during my earlier fake-energy boost exploration.  I discovered a Latin supermarket and bought aloe vera and nopal, the spiky gooey plants that have been Aztec medicinal secrets for centuries.  Getting in touch with my Indian roots. I don’t know how to use them and their exact health benefits, but if I figure it out, I’ll let you know.


So here is a little treat I prepared a few days ago. Check it out: I created a new page, a link tab of favorite blogs.  The list will be ever increasing, but just a few for now. Gotta pace myself.

Shout-out to friends: To those of you who know I have meeting tonight, Husband is out of town so we’re going together tomorrow to another one. Will miss you.


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4 responses to “Pacing myself, Schmacing myself

  1. Danette Martin

    But just think, you now have an organized pantry, and no dirty dishes in the sink. I applaud you.

  2. I always have great intentions but rarely can follow through on them. I am a two time cancer survivor and living with chemo brain and the pain of too many surgeries to count. I also have four daughters, 12, 11, 9, 7. My life is crazy and I have to try to pace myself also. But it is not my strong suit either. I am either going completely at breakneck speed or totally collapsing! But I am trying to improve in this area. Maybe we can help each other out with this “issue” of ours 🙂 Obviously both of our health situations demand that we take this seriously. Loved reading your post! Good luck continuing to try to pace yourself. ~Amy

    • So far sounds like you’re superwoman. I think unless someone has been in a position similar to ours (chronic pain), it’s really hard to imagine how hard it is to stay active and motivated or to accept the days when it’s beyond us. I’m still horrible at pacing myself lol, but working on it. Learning to love being a couch potato when I have to be. Thanks for reading. I’ll check out your site as well. Saw some info there that was great!

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