Never Crave French Fries Again

(EDIT: fixed the link below)

White potatoes are part of the nightshade vegetable family.  I still can’t tell if they personally affect my inflammation levels.  I hear its different for everyone.  I don’t crave crave homemade potatoes ever, but when I smell regular McD type fries, the scratchin and twinchin starts.  They don’t even taste that awesome to me, so I reckon it’s the heroin they add into their frying lard bins that tells my brain I must have them.  Either way, I still stay away from french fries or anything fried.  But I do crave starches, as we should, and it’s tiring eating brown rice all the time.  Hellooooo Sweet Potatoes! this tater is in the clear for dangerous toxin avoidance.

So I tried this lil easy and quick recipe.  This is an addiction that doesn’t terrorize the body and mind.  Like the recently added word from the Oxford dictionary implies: OMG!

When I saw the recipe and imagined the flavors together, I couldn’t have imagined how awesome it would turn out. So, click below and check it out.  Filling, satisfying and it feels like indulgence. And its so pretty.  However, even the oils are good for you (if the rest of your diet during the day/week is balanced).  Yes, this meal was nice to me.  No pain, no inflammation, no weirdness.  The trick now is seeing if Husband will like it when he gets back to town.

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad w/ Cranberries & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


I didn’t have Dijon mustard so I improvised and probably will keep doing it my way. My dressing involved two parts.  Since I didn’t know if the tastes would blend well, I made them separately and mixed them on the plate instead:

  • 1/3 olive oil
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • white onion (small half, sliced thin into slivers)

(the extra can be used as an everyday healthy salad dressing.  But I don’t like yer typical greens salad. Yeck.)

Separately, I just mixed honey mustard:

  • 2 tbsps Organic mustard (or any yellow mustard)
  • 3 drops of Pure honey

Kay, that’s it. Buh Bye.


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9 responses to “Never Crave French Fries Again

  1. One of my facebook friends has lupus and posted a link to this article about it (see below). I thought I would share it with you because it had me in tears and is the first thing I have read about lupus that has ever put it in any sort of perspective for me. Maybe it might help you explain it to someone else one day? or maybe you just wanna post it on your blog for those who ask about it? anyhow, it gives me a whole new respect for what you go through AND that you keep up this delightful blog so well! ❤

    • Tiffany, thanks so much for that comment. To feel understood could mean the world because it really is hard to understand and/or explain lupus to someone. And yes, I’ve read this article before. Right on the money. Linking to it again made me bawl all over again. I tried to relate this illustration to my husband a while and choked up. Couldn’t finish. I thought of posting this before but almost thought it wasn’t worth trying to explain. With your encouragement, I might just do it. Maybe there are some people willing to understand after all. 🙂

    • While I do not have Lupus, and have never been sick in the long-term way this woman is, I deeply appreciate her post about being sick. Temporary problems have made me intensely aware of how much thought goes into normal things like eating and sleeping when the body isn’t working normally. Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Ah, sweet potatoes… Ever tried sweet potato French fries? Can you eat that? They really are better than the Micky Dee’s type;)

    • Yes mam. Sweet potato french fries are God’s gift. I roast them with salt, cumin, and back when I used to can eat cayenne pepper. Fried, I haven’t tried em, but I’m sure they’re just as heavenly.

  3. yrnbt

    I really like this recipe, I’m going to try it since I’m addicted to French fries and potatoes, it looks delish!

  4. Naner

    I will try your recipe and now you need to try this! It has become one of our favorite easy meals:
    Sweet-Potato Chicken Quesadillas

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