Being solely a housewife, housewifing around, is as bittersweet as I ever thought it would be.  It’s okay, I like bittersweet.  It’s the only chocolate consumption that I have control over.  But not having a mandatory, preset hour to rise, scheduled lunch hour, and clock-out time has me all over the map.  Now, I could definitely see myself enjoying this unemployment if our income remained the same:

  • Coffee rendezvous
  • Charity work
  • Gourmet meals everyday
  • Expensive hobbies
  • “Lunching”
  • Raising babies

Nope, I’m confined to a 5-mile radius to save on gas and eating more rice and beans than my country people back in El Salvador.  Being forced to take it easy is nice on my energy levels, but the bone-works still creak and spasm.  I still clean-up in the same manner I did during the good ol full-time days, in tiny spurts.  I’ve gotten more workouts in, more reading, more rest, and family time.  But I’m spending plenty of time plugging away at the keyboard as if I still had a job to get out of the house as soon as possible.

My one rule when I got canned was to wake up and get dressed, including makeup, even if I don’t plan on going out or felt like poop.  Some days I dress casual, some I get in gym clothes, as if I could still make the treadmill cry.  It makes me move at a steady paced as opposed to PJ mode.  And sure enough, I’ve signed up at staffing agencies, scattered my resume across the Tampa-metro, and gave monster.com a good spike in web traffic.  In between brakes, I cleaned kitty litter.  They’re so much happier now that I have time to refresh their potty box more often.

Progress update:

I’m still avidly searching with hints at a slightly better future.  Not too much.   Let’s not get carried away here.  I’m looking for part-time so that my body may live 5 more years than if I had the full-time job, but those gems don’t abound.  Administrative skills call for “9-5” days which are really8-5.  What a deceiving term.  Focusing on the Downtown Area so that I’ll land in the heart of the city and feel more spunky than I did in an office with three guys burping and farting.  Making sure that this time there is a balanced gender environment, for sure.  I got a go-ahead from the county to take a Civil Service Exam and see if I can squeeze into a position for Library Assistant.  Dream. Job.

I immediately drove around my alloted perimeter and checked out books on the information I will be tested on and have been practicing my typing skills.  It is required to have 75 words per minute with 90% error rate allowed.  Haha, yeeaaaaa.

The next two days I will be practicing my little fingertips off and refreshing my multiplication skills (since I’ve had Excel do all my math work in the last 10 years).  I find the task challenging and exciting and it keeps my day mentally busier than killing the 30Rock Seasons on Netflix.  Even if I fail this time around, I love any reason to go to Downtown government buildings; and there is always next year.  I want that job.  I’m already practicing bossing people around, telling them to “Shhhhh!”, and visualizing myself rolling around in a pile of books when the lights are out.

via blog.calgarypubliclibrary.com

So, what’s your typing rate?



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4 responses to “Qwerty-itis

  1. Katie Reilly Mitchell

    You are to be admired – I was not nearly so energetic when I got laid off. I did spend more time at the library, but it was to check out Discovery shows, history documentaries and videos that taught French to children. The French did not work out beyond the alphabet and ‘je m’appelle Katie’.

    I actually *just* finished the 4th season of 30 Rock on Netflix – Tina Fey makes me happy.

    Working in the library is also one of my dream jobs. I do have a friend in the system, but he says that around here, you basically have to start as a shelver at minimum wage, maybe getting 20 hours a week. Of course, there are days when that sounds like a fair trade from my current 40 hours (which come at a shameful rate, albeit over min wage).

    Enjoy this time of freedom – and I hope you get that part time gig (full time really DOES shave years off your life…)!!

    • I think I’m so relieved not to be at my last job so much, that now I’m actually willing to work. And yes, Tina Fey, Kenneth, and Baldwin. They’re constantly in the background now lol. When I’m done with them, I’m doing Arrested Development all over again.

      And yes, being forced to be even more frugal than we already were, has shown me that we can do this for a little while longer if the library position would demand a pay cut. Here it does start full time, but its a peaceful and desirable environment and I will keep applying and reapplying, even if I get another job, until I am checking books out at the register. I passed the county exams, so waiting for the next step.

      Thanks so much for keepin up. I gotta see what your bloggity blog is up to.

  2. alysha

    I am glad you are keeping busy and definitely agree with getting dressed from head to toe it definitely gives you a boost. I always make a schedule and a check list without it I am not as efficient. You’d be surprised how messier your house gets when you stay at home but then again I have two little ones. 🙂 Luv ya girl! I hope only for the best for you.

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