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New Website Location….Go there!

Remember reading my bio where I had made the goal of blogging for adventure, but with ulterior motive, to monetize from spilling out my guts, feelings, and little adventures in health and early relationships???

It has been done.  The switch is being made! Thank you for the 4,122 visits to this humble wesbite.  I beg  invite my regular readers to follow me from this wonderful website host, WordPress, to Blogspot from Blogger, to achieve the dreams a cripple can only do from the comfort of her living room.  (Pull handicap card: Check).

If you read occasionally and are on the fence about my semi-organized expression style and occasionally awful grammar and syntax error (which drives me insane too, it’s not all about you), but are interested in reading someone else’s surreal, yet averagely real, fall from grace to get your mind off of yours, you must please follow my link and subscribe to my Google and Amazon affiliated blog.  Oh? did I mention Google and Amazon will be trying to sell you junk while I discourse about sugarless cookies and alopecia?

Yes, my money makers  faithful public! I need your help to possibly make some extra money and gain some credentials in the world of the Google Internet.  Taking 14-minimum organic supplements a day just so that I have enough clarity to stop bumping into walls, locking keys in cars, and feeding myself raw foods and fun-free desserts (surprising more expensive that eating Krafts Easy Mac n Cheese or Big Macs), is turning out to be bankruptive*, notwithstanding that Starbucks is a nostalgic memory of the past.  And did I mention I got laid off???

*bankruptive: noun \ˈbaŋk-(ˌ)rəpt\iv 1: the process of suddenly nearing the economic pitfalls of poverty due to an onslaught of modern woes, i.e. trending organic foods, juicing, overpriced coffee houses, sulfate-free shampoo, discount stores exploitative child labor.

While I teeter on the verge of peddling, on the more serious side, I do intend to lose the Call of Full-Time one day, in order to tend to my health and household at a pace that doesn’t accelerate cellular degeneration.  I intend to work from home, study for a job that allows me to me minimally physical, or learn an art that keeps my mind strong and alive to endure the days where I’m ready to shoot a government worker for partial disability which, long story short, I will never be eligible for because I have opted to take the natural avenue rather than the pharmaceutical.

What I have to offer in the new website?  I will not put ads in shameless direct view of the page.  It will be as discreet as possible.  The content is the same and similar information on how to attempt to live chemical free, stop or reverse an autoimmune disease, reviews on trial and error methodology on a budget, while managing life’s little annoying, tedious, and quality-disrupting inconveniences, cat pictures, men who burp “bow wow” and expect treats, shared finds (books, music, packaged “organic” foods, etc.) that are awesome, and have endured snobbish and rigorous critique…all so that you won’t have to.

If anything, if you sympathize with having too many one-of-those-days, and can’t think straight with the baby blaring, the microwave dinners whirring, the cranky boss condescending, the clueless husband, and the xanax starting to take effect, just use the repetitive motion of clicking on my ads over and over as stress therapy.  Use the search boxes on my page.  And I will personally find you and kiss your forehead if you were to purchase your books (ANY BOOK, even the dreaded Kindle) directly from my links.  Know that you are buying me a cup of coffee (which I can’t drink) and sending me on my way to a potential career in, creation and/or, 2. a future B.S. in Wellness and Nutrition, my life long passion.  I mean a Batchelor’s Degree, but it’s brainless as to why they call it a B.S.  We’re I to gain knowledge and experience on any of these, you’re viewing pleasure would increase by like…a lot.

What you CAN’T expect from the new website. My ventures into HTML and web language are novice.  The website isn’t yet perfect and/or smooth and or/cutting edge.  Although I will have the freedom to advertise, I also have a great opportunity to really and truly personalize my story with inexpensive visuals and neat little undecipherable, nerdy codes, work with graphics, and work on the same frame for 3 hours every night… and you wouldn’t even notice.  Another thing you can’t expect: the progress will not take off with lighting speed.  I’m working on a life plan here, relying on the variable surprises that my health imposes, but gradually making baby steps.  Somewhere between the last two eventful (underestimation) weeks, my teenage cousin trying to find her place in the dubious working world, and a temporary job that I landed for one week, I realized I had to make a large leap to get there.

Bells and Whistles

The new website is more app and widget friendly.  What does that mean? Who cares?  But it is Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, Email, Linked In, smart phones, and Apocalypyse-ready.  You can FOLLOW me on Google, which I really don’t know how that works yet: Google Followers – Click it here! Click it! Please and thank you.

You can subscribe to My Yahoo and who knows what else.  You will get similar emails on my new posts.  The WordPress ones will cease. We’ll see.  Not like I said I know what I’m doing.

It will be formatted for Intelligent Phones.  While someone is ignoring you on their Facebook phone, you could pretend you don’t care about the decline of conversational etiquette, but instead you can be clicking on my ads reading invaluable insights.  If you end up playing Angry Birds, I will not hold it against you.  We all need our vices.

If you’re still with me, I thank you from the bottom of my inflamed cardiac muscle.  Frankly, I’m more impressed at your attention span.  I hope you stay with me for a bit longer until Alzheimer’s fully kicks in and I’m publishing giberrish…which actually, still might be entertaining.



Elena the Wolf

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