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Just Keep Swimming.

Moving websites seems to have been a bad move.  So far, only two followers remained.  Although I don’t intend to quit writing, I’ve stepped away from the laptop for a bit while I settled personal matters, hoping that I subconsciously get hit with a bright idea of what my next step:  To stay with WordPress, without the prospect for monetary gain where I receive a good and moderate audience while I happily ramble on, or switch to WordPress and risk starting all over again just to maybe make money, but flop around trying to rebuild an appealing website.

Blogger offers many options and freedoms that WordPress does not, but WordPress can be ready-made eye candy, easier on the eyes, since I’m an amateur blogger.  I admit that Blogger wasn’t as neat looking and takes longer to load.  My readers would have to invest patience while I learn how to flounder around with color schemes, fonts, frames and such, that don’t take much effort in this world-wide-location.  So, from a reader’s perspective, I can understand that its just not as fluid to follow.  And add to that the bombardment of Twittering, Facebooking, and other social networking sites that we have to follow, how we carefully have to consider how many email notifications we sign up for before we’re have 3,000 emails in our inbox, none from a human being.

That’s where my blog stands now, in purgatory.  The switch was not very successful, but it can’t stop me from writing.  So, where have I been for about 2 months you ask? Stressed.  That’s where I’ve been.  I had no job, tons of bills, a cat who thought my being ill wasn’t enough and joined me, and my anniversary gift (my car) broke down (still sitting motionless in the garage).  My dear ol ma insisted on buying the hunk of supplements I take to maintain my health because we were in a jam.  Still, my stress levels overrided the healthy influx of herbs and released floods of chemical toxins delegating inflammation to my pitiful glass joints.  I felt crappy, but I never lost sight, nor hope, because if I’ve learned anything from this volatile sickness, is that if you persist hard enough, after every swooping down, there’s a floating right back up.

And I’m up.  I found work… that didn’t pan out…then again, but it wasn’t a good fit… so I acquired another, that starts it two weeks.  We have income. We have health insurance coming our way soon.  We will have 401K that I can resort to for the next time I’m tossed out of a job.  We will have life insurance, so my husband and I can feel free to get hit by a truck without leaving our spouse penniless to marry another.  The cats can now eat canned natural food again like that spoiled rats they are.

I confess that I fell out of my diet many times over out of mental duress.  What can I say, cookies are my road to perdition.  But I’m rehabbing myself now that I can afford healthy food again.  Bottoms up to Celery Juice, hello ph balance.  I’ve taking up swimming since my good-for-nothing joints and muscles won’t do much else and I feel stronger.  I have found I’m very capable of handling a full time job without wanting to go on shooting sprees.  I will not settled for high stress jobs anymore.

I suppose that’s enough unorganized journaling for now.  I wrote for the sake of continuity. I will bring on the quality in the coming posts now that life is crawling back to normal.  But I sure missed writing, and sharing, and hearing from others who have similar struggles.

Any suggestions or ideas about blogging, whether here or from another host, I’m all ears.

P.S. Listening to Fiona Apple tonight.  I will still be listening to her croon when I’m 50 years old, shaking my fist in the air along with her musical angst.



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