$10 Sell Out and Treats

I used to say I love you with I love you with cookies.  Now I do it with health items.  Winter soups and neem toothpaste.

Here are more items that can make a big difference in your skin, diet, and well being.  Some see them as medicinal, I see them as indulgence.  Again, I’m sharing what I find at Vitacost for two reasons 1) Low low price, 2) Convenient shipping since our health food store is a bit aways.  For a second, I worried I might be coming off as a product-pusher just so I can bum the $10 Rewards if you use the Vitacost link on my Tweets.  Especially since I tried that ruse where I play the sick card and boo-hoo story of how I didn’t get an anniversary cake on my 1st year anniversary because of all the food restrictions and need help funding it. Well, that part is true.  There! Confessed!

But in all seriousness, I don’t care if you buy from Vitacost or not.  Or even these products at all.  If I can introduce the people demanding change (but unsure where to start) to new quality foods, ideas, and products, that in itself is a reward.  We can get so stuck in our routine and predictable shopping isles.  Some, like me, because of culture and economic background growing up, never even heard of half of these healthy alternatives that can be hard to find to begin with.  My job, as someone who has tried and spent so many experimental risks, is to share with you what works and what is out there, so that when you’re browsing the stores, you can say hey, today I’ll try this!  If you see it at Publix at the Greenwise section or at the Chinese Market next to the live bullfrogs, pick it up.  Once you decide its a good healthy addition to your lifestyle, start buying discount from Vitacost.  And if you don’t like it or straight up hate it…you can come yell at me and demand reimbursement.  You won’t get it, but you can send me hate mail.



So a lot of us are buying natural peanut butter by now.  The price of peanuts is going up, as are the allergy rates.  People with food sensitivities don’t even know how one of the best tasting nuts can have difficult to digest proteins.  What could be better than coconut butter??? Well… I haven’t tried it yet, I’m totally gonna.  You know how you can taste the beach just by smelling the ocean.  I don’t need to tell you how divine this is without trying it.  It’s my most recent discovery, and my next experiment.  I imagine it tastes like a pillowy, buttery, cloud in heaven! If anyone else beats me to it or has tried it, tell me about it…please!  Here’s another version of it, not raw, but with the immense benefits of coconut fats: Coconut Manna $7.34.



There is no one cure all panacea or elixir for reversing or preventing disease, but if I could buy anyone ANY supplement for their daily health, energy, and cleansing, it would be this one.  And I just spent $6.68 for this at Publix’s Greenwise section.  Here’s where I get my expensive organic apples for less than $5 and it yields.  Just a few teaspoons, a few times a day, and it helps detoxify, alkalinize, and heal.  From the first two tsps I had, I felt more energy, more flexibility, a significant decrease in inflammation, and a clear head.  It’s an ancient medicine used by Hippocrates himself. If you take some convincing like I do, buy the little one first and then move to the 32 oz.  I bought for my parents and in-laws.  They’re having digestive issues, aches and pains.  Those acid diets need some balancing and the bones need some redistributed nutrients.  It can be taken as a tonic with water like I do, or used as a salad dressing ingredient, like I do, or as a skin toner, like these amazing girls do. The table below is straight from the website..and I can attest to all of it:

  • Rich in enzymes & potassium
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Helps control weight
  • Promotes digestion & ph Balance
  • Helps soothe dry throats
  • Helps remove body sludge toxins
  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Helps promote youthful, healthy bodies
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Relieves muscle pain from exercise



We all know that soy sauce is painfully high in sodium, some of us are gluten intolerant, and some of us just don’t know about Bragg’s liquid amino acids.  I cannot have soy sauce myself, much less go into a Chinese food joint and freely order foods without a rigorous interrogation about what and how the food is made.  So… there is this gem, containing nothing but health and tastes delicious.  16 amino acids for a crazy healthy stir fry or sushi topping.  No preservatives, non-GMO, all that good stuff.  Everything that the lifestyles mentioned in the previous post approves of.  This one is 16 oz.  I buy the teeny 8oz spray bottle version at Publix for about $4 or $5.  Since I now have the spray top, I will go on buying this bargain.  We don’t have brown rice, veggie dishes, or Asian cuisine without it.  These Bragg peoples know what they’re talking about.



At this point, I’m just upset.  I just bought these for $3.59 at Publix, because a year ago I saw them for $5 and I was all…hell no! At Vitacost… $2.96.  Gluten free bite size ginger punch cookies.  I know, I’m not in the business of eating processed foods and sugar anymore, but also not going to beat myself up and regress every time I take a backward step.  I had four cookies.  They were delicious.  Inexpensive,  the rest are coffee accessories for parental visits and tea treats for my husband.  (He drinks -requests- immunity tea now!)  My take is..if I’m going to have fall backs, I’m determined not to eat wheat products, insane sugar levels, or dairy products.  Having said that, I hope I don’t find myself in a sugar coma tomorrow, passed out on the floor with a massacred chocolate cake and its crumbs all over my tweaking body.  I’d have to eat my words.  As long as they’re wheat free.

Anyway, the majority of people I know aren’t into these ridiculous niche diets, so this a worthy cookie.  They are top notch.  If you’re hardcore, the have a raw option (with coconut) which I will definitely try.



For those in the process of trying to drop coffee, I recommend the Beauty Detox Solution.  Tried and True.  But if you’re still hung up on caffeine, or want to assist your body with inflammation, or suspect the active Chinese are on to something… this is the green tea to pick.  Yes, it still has some bean crack, but its one of the safer vices.  And we all need our vices.  I personally think some green teas are too rough.  This one is Jasmine infused and tastes so fresh and subtle, it’s pleasant to taste.  Along with a blend of hibiscus tea, it has helped me speed through my stupid bladder infections, if not reduce them all together.  To those with intense levels of stress and increasing weakness, get off the caffeine.  Or you’re self perpetuating the cycle.  Go on, put the Starbucks down and get hooked on pot.  It’s an herb after all.



My last item to share was between this one and the miraculous chia seeds.  Both could lead to globs of poop references, but I didn’t want to address to the whole Ch-ch-ch-chia deal.  As long as we spoke about a detox and cleansing lifestyle in the previous post, let me address the quick fix.  It’s for cheaters and there is no shame if you’re one of them.  It’s also for fanatics, who are on the diet and decide to double that effort by adding more time on the pot (by pot, I mean the john.  Stop thinking about the herb. It was a only a joke.)  But actually, this will not create embarrassing scenarios for you at work or while you’re on already-awkward blind dates.  Its a two week pill and pearl probiotic cleanse designed to shake up your toxins with select plants and herbs and eliminate them in a normal fashion.  Bedtime is coming up so I won’t praise it much, but the reviews are excellent and very good.  I tried it myself and found it to be easy and effective.  Push some toxins out people.  Let some new ones in.

Well, my comments have gradually become lazy tonight, indicating distraction and the tizzy that is full-time life.  I still have more to share with you throughout the months, so stay tuned.  I hope you find one of these items might be useful for you or someone you love.

Please share any natural and/or organic products that you’ve tried that have changed your life!

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7 responses to “$10 Sell Out and Treats

  1. Katie Reilly Mitchell

    I love these practical tidbits. Even if folks don’t go with these brands, just knowing about the products is a great education. Going on my Facebook page along with the others!

    • Katie…what would I do without you? Thanks for reading and ‘getting it’. I’ve got to catch up with your new blog. I want to make you I give it my full attention. Im sure it contains juicy news in your life. (Baby juice). Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

  2. Danette

    This is a bit off-topic, but I need some clarification on dairy. I noticed you mentioned almond milk. What is the difference between that and regular? Is dairy the enemy?? help!

    • Hey D! Well..it is kind of on topic if ur looking to heal something. It goes along with cleansing. To put it lightly, diary IS one of the biggest enemies if you want to eat clean. I don’t want to put off the cheese lovers out there (like I was once), but they clog and inflame things in the body, whacking out our immunes and even hormonal systems. How about..I’ll do a post about it real soon.

      Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

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  4. Naner

    This is great!! I can’t keep up with all of your suggestions!!! lol. I’m starting a spreadsheet and it’s gonna be color coded..lol
    I think cheese is gonna be the hardest to leave behind and eggs!! Although we normally have egg whites.
    Almond milk?? Good. Love it!

    • No rush. That’s what I keep telling myself. You know its been years that I knew I had to give up cheese and did it hardcode now. And that’s why I did the 95% vegan…in case I need to do it. After a few weeks, I couldn’t bring myself to reverse the progress. Matter of fact, I added meunster for dinner… just the 5%. Guess who has a sinus headache? You body appreciates the change. 🙂 So proud of you guys. You’re going to outlive the baby!

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