Coconut Manna in my Mouth

Coconut Manna in my Mouth

Tragedy struck last week to some dear friends and family. Despite all the recent strength, excitement and willpower recently resurfaced, once the bad news reached my ears, I just want to recoil into a dark corner and never come out.

That is exactly why I will post, even though a shorty, dammit I will post. For continuity’s sake. For the sake of the loved ones left behind with so much heartbreak, we have the burden of surviving and my desire to stop everything is not an option. At some point it’ll be easy to have joy again without guilt or quickly chastising oneself for experiencing moments of careless happiness. We’ll learn to carry the memory instead of the pain.

For now, I found something delicious we should all try while we’re alive. Something indulgent, yet healthy, low in sugar, and heavenly.

One day I’m gonna see my friend again and handing him a jar, askl him, “Did you ever try coconut butter?…Melts in your mouth huh”?

With globfuls of this gooey stuff dribbling in his mouth, he’s gleefully nod his head.

There wasn’t much point to this other than I wanted to share. Have it with almond butter and agave syrup on toast or a bagel…and cozy up with someone you love. Wrap a ribbon around it and give it to your best friend.  Slap it on GF waffles with coconut ice cream. Share the yummy comforts. Now, before it’s too late.

Oh yea, and I swear I’m not purposely pushing this, but if you use the link above you pretty much get the first jar free.  ($10 off a $7.99 jar). It’s eating good on a budget, is what it is.


November 21, 2011 · 6:23 PM

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