Push Start

What I’ve been up to:

  • Got my official lupus diagnosis.
  • Taking Plaquenil (I finally caved, despite my fear of medication). It works so far.  Very minor side effects. Every med does at first.
  • My usual rollercoaster (up and down energies and stamina).
  • I Pinterested maniacally, and probably illegally, for a while.
  • Over it.
  • Cooking. A lot.
  • Mostly healthy.  A few typical slip ups.
  • On a 30-Day No-No Mission.  No cookies. No Pizza.  Not even healthy versions.
  • Day 10. I have withdrawal headaches and I hate people.
  • Got a Blendtech.  Green Smoothie-ing the days away. (Thank you Mom and Naner.)
  • Feeling significantly better. The medicine has decreased just about every symptom. (No hip pain. Breathing better. No facial stiffness or pain. Less inflammation. Less bloating. Peeing normal. IC improved. Absorbing nutrients better. Memory and recall improvement. Less brain fog. etc.) Still have a long way to be a normal human, considering my hair doesn’t abandon my scalp on the second month. C’mon Plaq! Let’s do this.)
  • I can do a push up again. Sweet sweet push ups! (No cardio yet).
  • Blending more stuff! Soups, hummus, non-refried beans, smoothies, milkshakes, nut butters, the cats. Anything!
  • Been able to hang out and be more reliable than usual.
  • Got a super sexy haircut from sister-in-law to make my thinning hair (autoimmune symptom) look better and stronger. Started hair, skin, and nail vitamins.
  • Husband away on business a lot, but able to spend more time with him when he’s in town.  Cause I’m getting my bounce back.
  • Wore heels on Wednesday.  Got setback.

So here I am on the couch, ignoring the little piles of chaos, telekinetically demanding the living room fix itself and failing.  I overdid it this week.  But I’m content. So content the way things are going.  Feels like new beginnings. This medicine gives me just enough energy and freedom to make the meals I need to stay healthy and keep the cycle going.  Healthy food: more energy and detoxing.  It controls my stress and ease  mental awareness so that I don’t end up eating a cupcake every time I stress, which was not rare at all.  My house is neater.  Husband looks more relaxed.  Yes, the quality of life has improved and has potential to improve more if I keep on drinking my spinach every morning.  If the anti-malarial pill works (doctors don’t even know how exactly it works, go figure), I may even be able to get back out in the sun more, cause I’m gettin pasty.  I don’t even look Spanish anymore. Except my nose. Today I ache quite a bit as I mentioned, because of shoes.  If you’re a woman, you know this problem well.  My legs and muscles get all weird and don’t heal if the perfect storm of conditions doesn’t materialize for me to wear cute shoes for more than one hour.  I was rocking my hair cut and let my confidence get cocky. Gotta keep her in check.

I’ve been wanting to share all the awesome links and recipes I’ve been trying out but I’ve opted to use my recent health for activity.  Since I’m down for the night, I might as well spend my active rest giving you links to explore.  The recipes are gluten free and mostly vegan. They are so easy they verge on lazy.

Detox Breakfast Everyday: Glowing Green Smoothie

I follow her recipe to taste and add avocado for creaminess. I buy local, not necessarily organic. If husband drinks too, we add whatever fruit necessary to satisfy an American ADHD kid.

Protein bread!: Paleo Pumpkin Bread

Coconut butter, (cashews optional), coconut milk, agave, stevia, and vanilla make an mean frosting and voila: Cake!

Ditto: Pumpkin Banana Bread

I turned regular almonds into flour. Not blanched like she says. I'm cheap. And easy.

Creamy Comfort food: Roasted Butternut Squash Lime and Coconut 

Add a bit of curry and cinnamon.

Way to screw with Picky Eaters and Children:  South Beach Surprise Mashed Potatoes (I use almond milk and organic Earth Balance).

It's Cauliflower...Shhh!

Having about one a day, still losing weight: Cake Batter Milkshake  (No sprinkles for Bubble Girl).

I use refrigerated organic full fat coconut milk. I guess lite would work too. I'm not curious to find out.

Next Experiment…this one is first when my Cookie privileges are redeemed: Cookie Dough in a Bowl

(No visuals here.  Pictures may induce seizures… like a junkie whore).

My friend, also wedding photographer’s wife and now student of photography herself, has a spankin new blog.  I was supposed to share a while back, but I was hibernating:  Tired Yet Inspired


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8 responses to “Push Start

  1. Glad to hear there are more better days in your life! I miss my email buddy. (partially fault, I know)

  2. Diana Bell

    Love the recipe suggestions, especially the milkshake!! You are a beautiful woman, inside and out! Have missed your entries!

  3. I feel like I subscribed to your site a while ago and was so excited to get my very first post of yours in my inbox! I’m in love with my Vitamix blender and am a wee obsessed with blending everything, too. (Haven’t tried cats yet, but maybe I can rustle up a squirrel or something from my backyard and give it a whirl.)

    I have many friends with autoimmune disorders ranging from Chronic Fatigue to Lyme’s Disease. I hope your meds keep giving you energy and helping you feel better… at least well enough to continue preparing healthy foods. AIs can be so distressing and ambiguous– fingers crossed for you. 🙂

    PS: A cake batter smoothie? I’ve officially died and gone to heaven!

    • Vegan cake batter smoothie: almost too good to be true, right? Wait til I post about the one minute gf vegan cake!

      Thanks for subscribing. Yes, it has been a while since I posted something. But when I realized I had a few new subscribers, I was inspired to keep sharing. And there is nothing better to share than food!

      Love the pictures on your March 2 post. Great photography. I’ll be checking out the rest of your site soon. Hope your journey with Kimberly is going well. I’ll slowly start adding more and more of her principles to my diet. Meanwhile, the goal is to stick to vegan and gluten free eating. And those whirly smoothies. And hey, at least a squirrel smoothie would be organic.

      • Right now, I’m at a point with Kimberly’s Beauty Detox Solution where I don’t feel like incorporating any new principles. There are many other facets of her plan that I could add to what I’m already doing, but I don’t want to make my eating so complicated or detail-oriented that I get weighed down (figuratively) with the minutiae. I can become a little OCD with things like that (details, checklists, charts, etc.) so I’m using “The China Study” book to help me focus on the bigger picture instead: plant-based diet, and a limited amounts of added sugars, salts, and fats. Done.

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