Things to enhance your dull life…including, but not limited, to foodstuffs that are shockingly low in crack. I mean, sugar. No, really…some of my favorite addictions or indulgences that have to be shared:

  • Chocolate Decandence (Egg free, dairy free, and no added sugars) – Secret ingredient…..beans!  It’s just so much better than any cake in a 15 mile radius, I bet you my firstborn.
  • Immaculate Blueberry Scones – If I’m going to have wheat (sparingly and not on an active day where I can schedule a nap), it’s gonna be all natural, unbleached.  This company remains as non-GMO as possible, when affordable, and only 4 freakin grams of sugar! Party in your mouth! Found out Whole Foods, SuperTarget and Wal-fart Supercenter.
  • Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis – must read autobiography! Even if you’re no junkie, if you’ve ever been down the psychiatric rabbit hole, you will understand the twisted mind of a beautiful, lyrical, albeit…train wreck.
  • Blogilates – To be honest, I usually want to punch this video blogger in the face, but if you remember me going on about fitness, I can’t work out hard core like I used to anymore.  This is the best low intensity, but effective, workout I could find.  Just skip the silly Gangnam style gimmick.  If you find someone less bouncy and perky, please, I beg you…let me know.
  • IKEA Bird and Tree Curtains – makes any house a home.  A fabulous, hipster home.
  • Sherlock… on – Challenge yourself. Watch 2 seasons in one day! For Free.  You’re welcome.  Bloody Brilliant!
  • Jewels Star App – What else are you gonna do on the loo?
  • Acupuncture – Nothing more addictive than needles!


  • Lastly, the cutest video I could relate to on the interwebs:


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