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Why I can’t drink stupid Green Tea and the Autoimmune Phenomenon Explained…attempted.

You know how Green Tea is one of the most healthiest things in the world for you to drink. That’s right! For you. Not me.

Why not me? Because I’m Th2 dominant. And many of you lupus or chemical sensitive bubble people may be too.  (For the record, I am totally deja vu-ing that I my have already written an article about this, but since then I have mourned the explosion, and henceforth, death of many a brain cell.  This may sound morbid but it hilarious in my head! Er..Which…could be a sign of senility.  Quick! Someone check my pre-frontal cortex integrity.)

What it means is…I don’t know how to explain it.  But I got you some great insight on why green tea makes you sick. Not just nauseous, but at first, you feel good.  Oh you feel so good. Then gradually you feel great. Without noticing you find yourself organizing the mountain of bills and junk mail you have ignored for eons.  Next thing you know, you can suddenly do a full squat again and you start cleaning your house and painting walls like a cross between a lizard and a gazelle, maximizing your range of motion with every springy step and bouncy leap. And then, what? Your fingers don’t hurt. Time to bust out the decade old thank you card project and write like Hemingway.  The adult vocabulary is summoned back to mind. You are unstoppable. Time to buy some kettlebells for the crossfit competition. The force is with you.

But in a few days, you realize you are so active you are barely sleeping and your husband accuses you of being manic as you straighten the fringes of your welcome mat at 2 in the morning . You are so fracking happy you could cry. And then you’re so damn overjoyed you can throw a plate at the next person’s head who talks to you.  Things went from bright to technicolor and your eyes want to shut the sun rays up and shoot warbling birds.  Your hands and feet stealthily start to feel like sausages again and everything you eat hurts you soul again.  Your head is banging. You get cold sores all over your mouth. The infections begin. The sob fest increases. And you retreat back to the Gollum you once were.  Th dominance.

It has happened to me with Green Tea.  Turmeric. Moringa.  Diatomaceous Earth. These are some of the top shelf superfoods of the world.  And they are traiterous bitches.

I have attributed this to Candida, the gross term Leaky Gut, which goes hand in hand with the aforementioned.  But could Th dominance fall in line with those too. Who is the chicken and where is the egg? Are all these related or all they independent of one another.  It sure isn’t a coincidence that I have all of these.

Well, time to be schooled.

Click here, here, and here.  And you have been educated and enlightened about you or a whiny, cranky loved one.

Green Tea Hazards



I’m typing much under the deceptive balancing act of Moringa for the moment.  A wonderful life saving supplement that I once that had miraculously cured me. I have learned, in a jam, in a pinch, an act of desperation, to sample a bit here and there. Test where my balance is. It’s autoimmune Russian roulette.  One day it might bring me back to invincible for a day, another it might just finish demolishing me.  I don’t take this risk lightly and if you read the articles above, your t-helper cells should be checked and balanced by a doctor. Most likely a functional medicine doctor.

A few weeks ago I had some wonderful days with turmeric.  But I only dare take it a week, before my body becomes overstimulated and falls gets into full battle regalia.  If however, you do not have autoimmune imbalances…take turmeric instead of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Always and forever. Drink green tea like sugar water.  And if you can afford it, moringa it up. You might just feel like Supergirl.

vitacost-turmeric-extract-curcumin-c3-complex-with-bioperine-835003004423    41xvjcw9-dlito-en-teas-sencha-shot-japanese-green-tea-835143002006

Click on picture for link on the best deals and high quality products . Not all Vitacost by the way. It sucks when I’m so honest with you, cause I make less money.

I have personally used these products and they were wonderful, like I said, until…reminder that these are beneficial for Normals.

And if you find you are having this frustration, that no one supplement can help you because its up and down, roller coaster, smash your head-confusing. Don’t fret…as these things come to the surface of research and technology, moms and Pinners out there are corralling these findings and sharing their process with the world in simple terms we can understand, with less trial and error than if we are to do it on our own.  The ancient world had healers for this type of thing…the answer is out there somewhere. And hopefully we can find a few to make us invincible for a couple more years.

Peace Out.









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Thanks Obama!

So, I have pretty lovely things I had planned to wear more often before I had the knees of an early-retired football player or the restful demands of a newborn baby.

I won’t be wearing these awesome things, some acquired right before my wedding mind you! So, I’m gonna try to recover some damages.


Don’t fool yourselves, my closet consists of mostly mediocre and shabby clothes to match my energy and flesh expansion levels.  These are just for those few precious highlights in our life that become memories.

This is my first time I’m selling. A few more might be added. Stimulate the economy….stimulate my economy. Hahaha…. no.

Love you all,
Lil E

If this dress could talk.... it'd probably be slurring.

If this dress could talk….                        ….it’d probably be slurring.


p.s. If you have any listing advice, by all means, teach me the ways of the internet markets.

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June 25, 2013 · 8:19 PM


Things to enhance your dull life…including, but not limited, to foodstuffs that are shockingly low in crack. I mean, sugar. No, really…some of my favorite addictions or indulgences that have to be shared:

  • Chocolate Decandence (Egg free, dairy free, and no added sugars) – Secret ingredient…..beans!  It’s just so much better than any cake in a 15 mile radius, I bet you my firstborn.
  • Immaculate Blueberry Scones – If I’m going to have wheat (sparingly and not on an active day where I can schedule a nap), it’s gonna be all natural, unbleached.  This company remains as non-GMO as possible, when affordable, and only 4 freakin grams of sugar! Party in your mouth! Found out Whole Foods, SuperTarget and Wal-fart Supercenter.
  • Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis – must read autobiography! Even if you’re no junkie, if you’ve ever been down the psychiatric rabbit hole, you will understand the twisted mind of a beautiful, lyrical, albeit…train wreck.
  • Blogilates – To be honest, I usually want to punch this video blogger in the face, but if you remember me going on about fitness, I can’t work out hard core like I used to anymore.  This is the best low intensity, but effective, workout I could find.  Just skip the silly Gangnam style gimmick.  If you find someone less bouncy and perky, please, I beg you…let me know.
  • IKEA Bird and Tree Curtains – makes any house a home.  A fabulous, hipster home.
  • Sherlock… on – Challenge yourself. Watch 2 seasons in one day! For Free.  You’re welcome.  Bloody Brilliant!
  • Jewels Star App – What else are you gonna do on the loo?
  • Acupuncture – Nothing more addictive than needles!


  • Lastly, the cutest video I could relate to on the interwebs:


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The Art of Self-Regulation (of a flibbertigibbet)

I go on these kicks.  I’m all about reading.  I’m all about gardening.  I’m all about makeup.  Oooh! Nail Art! One obsession at a time please, or it will result in my brain imploding or my back account taking off like Madoff. As one rabid concentrated episode takes over, all the other tiny buttons and levers on the dashboard of life start dwindling.  Balance, what’s that? Fader, I know that one.  It just …fades.

Here’s my current epiphany… that surely will not last:

  • Freshen up, fugs! I look ravishing in the mornings.  The trick is: keep your face on. It falls off as the day goes by.  I don’t freshen up compulsively like I used to when I first learned how to be a girl.  Lips dry off and flake.  Oils secrete.  Pores rage.  Wisps of hair fly away, every which way. Descending liner makes eyes look sad, tired, old. Or the whole scary trifecta. I’ve attempted carrying a moderate size toiletries bag with the essentials, but it quickly snowballs into a mom beach bag, with everything but my hair dryer.  I carry my regular purse around, plus a carry-on suited for a body bag, and maybe another one in case somehow it all doesn’t fit by the end of the day.  It soon begins to surface all the questionable behaviors that come with pack rats.  I need a make up zipper pouch-ish container, relative in size to my current handbag, with just the basics.  Gloss, translucent powder, floss, teeny deodorant, and a shiv.  Which I will lose anyway at some point.  And a timer set, in not-obvious intervals (so i don’t rise suspicions of incontinence), to prompt a ladies room break to fix the face that people have to look at.  Poor people.
  • Look into dry shampoo. Yes, hoisting my arms up over my head for 5 minutes plus everyday? I’m not keen on that.  If you are, you’re lying.  Plus, I don’t want a dry scalp that looks like a snowy White Christmas from city water overkill.  But, oily hair, ew. Disgusting.  Time to research and test products like a lab rat.
  • Breathe. Dammit, breathe.  I forget this.  Living in the city, and working with all men, it slowly pushes my buttons and steadily decreases the length of my breaths. Creeping up on me are short staccato gulps of air that confuses my body to thinking I’m anxious.  And I am.  And I’m one loose screw short of a breakdown.  I’ve been getting so comfortable in this panic, so sure that hyperventilating just means I’m alive.  Frankly, I need to start having less than one mid-life crises a month. It’s supposed to be one per lifetime. In the middle.  The plan: go home, practice my breathing yoga at least once a week. BEFORE I get zombie’d into watching Prison Break, if I know what’s good for me. And I usually know, but I just forget.  Come back to the middle.  I need oxygen in my muscles.  Or my muscles will conspire against me and make me look like a spaz.
  • Read more.  Which Nook has been helping, that along with other detrimental and disgusting habits like clicking your Google spending account like it’s morse code and surfing their book shop for hours, weaving around their -shockingly popular- smut (and oh my God do they have a lot), just to find a mediocre literary steal for $3.99 that you’ll never get around to unless you finish the complete work of Sherlock Holmes because it was only $1.99.  However, when I read more, I imagine more. I make brighter and stronger and funner connections.   I start getting interested in things, like when I used to take Adderrall to synthetically make the boring people more interesting.  Plots, stories, and visualizations are bread for my brain.  I like it.  It’s carbo loaded.  It’s sugar and spice and high in caloric content.
  • Meditate on personal goals.  Yes, I have to meditate on the things I value and appreciate and keep me in balance (diet, long distance friendship, clothes that fit), because otherwise I kind of just relax my gut, throw on a ratty t-shirt, and veg out with my —- out.  This directly relates with the first note of staying pretty during the day.  I need constant reminders to myself that the doughnuts make me feel ucky after I’ve inhaled it, the wine makes me narcoleptic, that corn is not as fun going out as going in.  That even if I feel woes and aches, I feel better if I take a walk instead of sleep it off.  Granted, there is a balance. With my precious hollow bones, I need to give in to repose a bit more than the average fitness buff. But for the most part, keep lifting apples, put down the cookies, and move my lumpy ass into a tight clench.  That may make no sense, but i wanted to use the word clench.
  • Sing more often.  Horrible as it may be for the miserable bystander,  I notice I do this when I’m relaxed.  Simply listening to music is not enough.  When I stop singing during the days, nothing but non-musical whines and complaints emanate from my rotten stinky core. My common excuse is that sometimes there are too many notes I can’t hit and too many lyrics to remember.   (Don’t you hate those people who can rap along to Eminem after hearing the song just once.  And they don’t even like him??? Cause who does, really?). If I’m not singing the same ol’ three stanzas of a song, I end up mad-libbing lyrics like Elton’s Johns, “Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza”.  Haha, just kidding.  I don’t ‘do’ Elton.  But call me a butcher cause that’s how I cut it.  Solutions:
      * Stress headache? Listen to Chinese meditation string-plucking, chi-aligning music.
      * Don’t know what to play? That’s why God invented shuffle.
      * Nothing will cheer me up? Hello!? You have the whole Britney Spears discography!
      * Desperate for a picker-upper that not even Brit-Brit can fix? Pop in the Annie DVD and fricking sing along with a broom.

    Rounding down to the point: don’t be too lazy to turn on my slow-loading iTunes library and wait for the processor to get rhythm into my head. I do not like myself when I don’t murmur along to songs, much less belt it out for the cats to witness.

    Author’s note: I still maintain a blood pact with the universe to never, EVER, willfully engage in karaoke. I don’t have to explain myself.  No I don’t.

  • Keep writing.  Keep journaling.  Keep getting rid of the excess junk in my head.  Use up the female word quotas of the day before they fall upon the days of hormonal psychosis once-a-month and all hell breaks loose…for my husband.  I’m fine with it.  Poor him.  Keep categorizing my thoughts, or at the least letting them free before they’re tangled in my head and I end up staring, open-mouthed, at things.  Just random things.  Even if I have nothing of value to share, a trivial fact I have gained in my absorption of vague book smarts, is that this is how women build oxitocin to regulate stress cortisol and make us deal with the male gender more readily.  Not oxicotin (whole other story).  We share, we communicate, we stay engaged in the things that matter: like keeping my face from melting during the day, morphing into an old uptight cat-lady who doesn’t crank it up, a deaf-mute who has not spoken in so long, she forgets how to exercise her vocal chords, and dry lizard skin.

To the readers: I’ve been thinking of you.  Sorry I was gone so long.  Sorry I promised I wouldn’t be gone so long.  I won’t make any more promises I can’t keep. So I can keep it together.  When I do write, it will be whole-hearted.  Miss you. Love you. Xoxo and other keyboard characters that express emotions.





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$10 Sell Out and Treats

I used to say I love you with I love you with cookies.  Now I do it with health items.  Winter soups and neem toothpaste.

Here are more items that can make a big difference in your skin, diet, and well being.  Some see them as medicinal, I see them as indulgence.  Again, I’m sharing what I find at Vitacost for two reasons 1) Low low price, 2) Convenient shipping since our health food store is a bit aways.  For a second, I worried I might be coming off as a product-pusher just so I can bum the $10 Rewards if you use the Vitacost link on my Tweets.  Especially since I tried that ruse where I play the sick card and boo-hoo story of how I didn’t get an anniversary cake on my 1st year anniversary because of all the food restrictions and need help funding it. Well, that part is true.  There! Confessed!

But in all seriousness, I don’t care if you buy from Vitacost or not.  Or even these products at all.  If I can introduce the people demanding change (but unsure where to start) to new quality foods, ideas, and products, that in itself is a reward.  We can get so stuck in our routine and predictable shopping isles.  Some, like me, because of culture and economic background growing up, never even heard of half of these healthy alternatives that can be hard to find to begin with.  My job, as someone who has tried and spent so many experimental risks, is to share with you what works and what is out there, so that when you’re browsing the stores, you can say hey, today I’ll try this!  If you see it at Publix at the Greenwise section or at the Chinese Market next to the live bullfrogs, pick it up.  Once you decide its a good healthy addition to your lifestyle, start buying discount from Vitacost.  And if you don’t like it or straight up hate it…you can come yell at me and demand reimbursement.  You won’t get it, but you can send me hate mail.



So a lot of us are buying natural peanut butter by now.  The price of peanuts is going up, as are the allergy rates.  People with food sensitivities don’t even know how one of the best tasting nuts can have difficult to digest proteins.  What could be better than coconut butter??? Well… I haven’t tried it yet, I’m totally gonna.  You know how you can taste the beach just by smelling the ocean.  I don’t need to tell you how divine this is without trying it.  It’s my most recent discovery, and my next experiment.  I imagine it tastes like a pillowy, buttery, cloud in heaven! If anyone else beats me to it or has tried it, tell me about it…please!  Here’s another version of it, not raw, but with the immense benefits of coconut fats: Coconut Manna $7.34.



There is no one cure all panacea or elixir for reversing or preventing disease, but if I could buy anyone ANY supplement for their daily health, energy, and cleansing, it would be this one.  And I just spent $6.68 for this at Publix’s Greenwise section.  Here’s where I get my expensive organic apples for less than $5 and it yields.  Just a few teaspoons, a few times a day, and it helps detoxify, alkalinize, and heal.  From the first two tsps I had, I felt more energy, more flexibility, a significant decrease in inflammation, and a clear head.  It’s an ancient medicine used by Hippocrates himself. If you take some convincing like I do, buy the little one first and then move to the 32 oz.  I bought for my parents and in-laws.  They’re having digestive issues, aches and pains.  Those acid diets need some balancing and the bones need some redistributed nutrients.  It can be taken as a tonic with water like I do, or used as a salad dressing ingredient, like I do, or as a skin toner, like these amazing girls do. The table below is straight from the website..and I can attest to all of it:

  • Rich in enzymes & potassium
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Helps control weight
  • Promotes digestion & ph Balance
  • Helps soothe dry throats
  • Helps remove body sludge toxins
  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Helps promote youthful, healthy bodies
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Relieves muscle pain from exercise



We all know that soy sauce is painfully high in sodium, some of us are gluten intolerant, and some of us just don’t know about Bragg’s liquid amino acids.  I cannot have soy sauce myself, much less go into a Chinese food joint and freely order foods without a rigorous interrogation about what and how the food is made.  So… there is this gem, containing nothing but health and tastes delicious.  16 amino acids for a crazy healthy stir fry or sushi topping.  No preservatives, non-GMO, all that good stuff.  Everything that the lifestyles mentioned in the previous post approves of.  This one is 16 oz.  I buy the teeny 8oz spray bottle version at Publix for about $4 or $5.  Since I now have the spray top, I will go on buying this bargain.  We don’t have brown rice, veggie dishes, or Asian cuisine without it.  These Bragg peoples know what they’re talking about.



At this point, I’m just upset.  I just bought these for $3.59 at Publix, because a year ago I saw them for $5 and I was all…hell no! At Vitacost… $2.96.  Gluten free bite size ginger punch cookies.  I know, I’m not in the business of eating processed foods and sugar anymore, but also not going to beat myself up and regress every time I take a backward step.  I had four cookies.  They were delicious.  Inexpensive,  the rest are coffee accessories for parental visits and tea treats for my husband.  (He drinks -requests- immunity tea now!)  My take is..if I’m going to have fall backs, I’m determined not to eat wheat products, insane sugar levels, or dairy products.  Having said that, I hope I don’t find myself in a sugar coma tomorrow, passed out on the floor with a massacred chocolate cake and its crumbs all over my tweaking body.  I’d have to eat my words.  As long as they’re wheat free.

Anyway, the majority of people I know aren’t into these ridiculous niche diets, so this a worthy cookie.  They are top notch.  If you’re hardcore, the have a raw option (with coconut) which I will definitely try.



For those in the process of trying to drop coffee, I recommend the Beauty Detox Solution.  Tried and True.  But if you’re still hung up on caffeine, or want to assist your body with inflammation, or suspect the active Chinese are on to something… this is the green tea to pick.  Yes, it still has some bean crack, but its one of the safer vices.  And we all need our vices.  I personally think some green teas are too rough.  This one is Jasmine infused and tastes so fresh and subtle, it’s pleasant to taste.  Along with a blend of hibiscus tea, it has helped me speed through my stupid bladder infections, if not reduce them all together.  To those with intense levels of stress and increasing weakness, get off the caffeine.  Or you’re self perpetuating the cycle.  Go on, put the Starbucks down and get hooked on pot.  It’s an herb after all.



My last item to share was between this one and the miraculous chia seeds.  Both could lead to globs of poop references, but I didn’t want to address to the whole Ch-ch-ch-chia deal.  As long as we spoke about a detox and cleansing lifestyle in the previous post, let me address the quick fix.  It’s for cheaters and there is no shame if you’re one of them.  It’s also for fanatics, who are on the diet and decide to double that effort by adding more time on the pot (by pot, I mean the john.  Stop thinking about the herb. It was a only a joke.)  But actually, this will not create embarrassing scenarios for you at work or while you’re on already-awkward blind dates.  Its a two week pill and pearl probiotic cleanse designed to shake up your toxins with select plants and herbs and eliminate them in a normal fashion.  Bedtime is coming up so I won’t praise it much, but the reviews are excellent and very good.  I tried it myself and found it to be easy and effective.  Push some toxins out people.  Let some new ones in.

Well, my comments have gradually become lazy tonight, indicating distraction and the tizzy that is full-time life.  I still have more to share with you throughout the months, so stay tuned.  I hope you find one of these items might be useful for you or someone you love.

Please share any natural and/or organic products that you’ve tried that have changed your life!

Related articles (more product reviews, by moi).. Don’t forget your coupon up top.  Make a difference, a $10 difference: 


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A Quickie.

(Since it’s a quickie, editing will be at a minimum.  This is real life ya’ll.)

I’m still here.  The launch of this blog was not a false spark of energy.  As a matter of fact, when I started, I had very little energy.  My usual hobbies and duties had taken a back seat while I sat pretty on the couch with a Wolf flare, one of inflammation and exhaustion that I’m still working to understand.  I was either going to be TV prone or manage to save my my brain cells through the medium of writing.  The only thing I confess to is that the momentum was a bit heavy and posting something funny or interesting every day is just not going to happen.   So I decided if I feel like it, I will write, and if I don’t, I won’t.  There’s no point in making a blog if you lose your joy over feeling the need to cater to an audience.  This project is the exact opposite.  Adversity confronted.

Well, in the last week or so and hopefully in the following days, I’ve been much healthier.  It’s a large part of the reason I’ve been absent from the screen.  No chance I will be typing away when my legs and lungs are at almost-normal capacity.  The symptoms never seem to fully go away, but they do submit to all my careful and meticulous healing methods and avoidance tactics.  However, remission is temporary and who knows when and how it will strike again.  Pummeling through the last week like I have is probably counterproductive to a chunky period of health.  This culture we live in makes it feel like if you’re not go-go-gadget, you’re letting precious time and life slip away, and yes, I’m a conflicted member of that mentality.  It duals with my zen-like, listen-to-your-body-mentality.  Even with husband being gone so much this month, there’s so much that needs to be done.  At the end of the day, some time for perspective is of the essence.  Somewhere between all the things that need to be taken care of and walking to and from parking lots, I get overwhelmed.  This is not intended as a pleasure read, but as a visual representation of my mind going 1000 miles per hour at the end of the day.  Definitely, not in chronological order.

  • Drop off the cat before work to get spayed, power through banging morning headaches and body aches.
  • Make a stop at the gas station, the produce corner, publix, and Target during Saturday mayhem.
  • Schedule half the other errands during work lunches or I’ll get too achy.
  • Make sure you have energy for when Husband comes home.
  • Make sure there is clean laundry for when he comes home.
  • Did you remember the cilantro?
  • The cat food bowls are empty.
  • They’re out of litter.
  • Emergency run to Petsmart.
  • Forgot parent’s anniversary.
  • Food diary: peanut butter makes muscles hurt.
  • Can’t leave the house with just any pair of shoes, a new set of flats is in order. Add shopping, postpone, rinse, repeat.
  • Cancel the peanut butter on Vitacost order.
  • Order is on route. Eat the $.
  • Schedule mattress shopping dates with Husband. Postpone, rinse, repeat.
  • Bought oats, not gluten free.   Eat that cost as well.
  • What’s making my skin itchy, is it the Wolf? Is it dryness? Is it chemtrails?
  • Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe.
  • Include exercise somewhere in there, it’ll give you the energy to last longer.
  • Medicine regimen. Empty stomach before and after, 3 times a day.
  • Cat took off the cone! Get her!!!
  • Read every label of everything you buy.
  • Put on foot lotion after shower.
  • Deny invitations for food and play and cheerfully offer options.
  • Skip meetings, listen in.
  • Catch up through text, forget the written letters.
  • Call in late again. Rush through lunch.
  • Repaint those chipped toenails.
  • Remember to take the nopal, the omegas, the flax seed oil three times a day, drink at least one tea of ginger, make sure to eat fiber every day.
  • Break up the cats, no roughhousing yet.
  • Don’t get sidetracked! You burned the butternut squash.
  • Install shower filter on list.
  • But I thought you took out the garbage?
  • The dishes are calling.  Husband is hungry. Cat is playing with stitches.  Must. Sit. Down.
  • Husband and I are ill and exhausted
  • Did that have caffeine in it?  IC flared again.
  • Send bill payment to new location. Locate the new address.
  • Tell God to take care of the usual suspects, cause I can’t remember what’s going on with who?
  • UPS skipped the delivery, add to the errands list for pick-up.  Wait in line.
  • Forget re-doing the toenails…shave!
  • Forgot to buy distilled water.
  • Smile without looking psychotic!

Does anyone else feel like they’re brain is going to explode?  Is the full moon arriving or is there just such limited time and too much traffic in the city? Do we self-sabotage/load ourselves to cover every little detail and then feel unaccomplished if something on the to-do list goes unchecked?

I don’t know if in reality it isn’t much and it only feels that way, but no matter the lessened pace I impose, no matter how much repose I force myself to surrender to, there has been an underlying sense of overload, especially if anything doesn’t get done.  I don’t necessarily blame being ill on this but I do have to wonder how large a part it plays in my life even when I do feel relatively upbeat and active.

It seems like it’s inconvenience after inconvenience, but its just life, not picking on any one particular person.  It’s about organizing before it gets out of control, or admitting overload when it’s there.  Before I got married, I learned how we automatically as  individuals (especially control freaks) usually take note of the undone without taking stock of the things that go according to plan.  Even if it does happen while running amock, there are many things going our way as long as we’re putting the time and work it.  The balanced person knows that there is more negative than positive, but some careful meditation helps pinpoint good results that are achieved and how its not always found on the chore list.

It was suggested in one of my favorite books on how the mind creates thoughts and affects behaviors.  It proposed that you take the author up, for one week at the end of the day, write everything you accomplished, now matter how small the task.  It was to enhance your viewpoint by the end of each trial period and begin learning to more readily acknowledge your hard work and sense of ongoing accomplishment.  I tried it and it goes to show that even though it felt like complete chaos to do everything on a limited clock, I was getting it done.  Expecting everything at my pace (a pace that I put up against those go-getter superwomen) was where the pressure built and distorted the view that everything was going pretty darn well.

  • Cat fixed. Done and over with.
  • Parents back from El Salvador, quality time spent with them.
  • Date night with Husband.
  • Bob’s Red Mill kindly sent me Gluten Free oats to replace my mistaken purchase.
  • I got my Tofu Press.
  • The health foods are working marvelously.
  • Business has picked up.
  • My kitty just said I LOVE YOU in cat.
  • Husband and I are on the same page, despite the travel schedule.
  • I received recognition for the monthly incentive program at work.
  • Sister send the best talking card and magnet!
  • Got a bomb-a$$ deal at Yankee candle for the parents anniversary gift by coincidence.  (Some lady just left a buy 2 get 2 of equal size free.
  • ….The list goes on, but some things I’ll keep to myself as any of you would.

So, I’m exhausted.  A bit stressed.  Missing Husband, especially at bedtime.  But not worrying about a pretty and perfect post has got me feeling pretty pleased tonight.  My house is mostly clean and I’m set up to go to my meeting tomorrow.  Priorities back on track and I’m sure there’ll be another readjustment soon.  Next week on my list, slow down on new health recipes, repeat a few meals, and instead take proper care of others when done taking care of self.  🙂

Peace out. Lights out.


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Wal-Mart Fun, Insights, Tangents, and Bulletpoints

  • This post will constitute the greatness that is Walmart fun.  It is what happens when you’re not in a rush, don’t want to bring WMD with you,  and don’t focus on the ungodly alienesque (redudant) characters that roam the stores frightening the cohabitation of the average citizen, making us ponder the unanswered question…why are we here?
  • Times are tough.  The economy is bringing people together at Walmart.  For the most part, you can spot a person who doesn’t belong in there and you identify their economical and life status.  Nicely groomed man: Wife left him, took everything. A well dressed career woman pushes around a cart, puzzled and flustered: Husband is in debt.  High-end snob model: she’s lost or is too blonde to know she’s making all the rednecks drop their canned goods on their crusty toes.
  • It will expound upon some tips on nutritional food, insights, Walmart sight-seeing, money saving tactics and tid-bits I’ve picked up along the way.
  • It will be laid out in bullet point format for the mom-in-a-hurry, the business woman, or those with  Internet ADHD Syndrome (the ones who click on all external links, and find themselves reading about Tanzania’s President by the time their done), or people like me: the coherently fractured mind (paradoxical).
  • Money saving tips – Produce: buy at corner vegetable and fruit stands.  No bagging, no stock boy, no corn wax. For Asian, Jamaican, Latin, and world recipes..find a local ethnic store.  Everything will be ridiculously cheaper there.
  1. Curries
  2. Corn Masa
  3. Rice and Beans
  4. Herbs and Spices
  5. Coconut Milk
  6. Noodles
  7. Sauces
  8. Weird plants
  9. Oxtail Seasoning.. Wait. What? (Emphasis on the WH)

There is no doubt why some whities think the spanish are a bit from the another world.

No croutons. I’ve got just the thing!

Truth is, in the Spanish section, I found pumpkin seeds perfect for snacks and granola, which I paid a Starbuck’s coffee’s worth more for it at a natural health food store (even though I’m not supposed to drink coffee).  Anyway, these are not highly processed.  Get your anti-inflammatory curry powder here!  It’s not just for people with disease: people with allergies, people who work out.  Get your banana leaves here…haha..

  • Funny… that the Wal-Mart I patronized did not list it as the Ethnic Foods Isle.  They labeled it Latin Foods.

The other cultures look tame next to these guys.

  • Not funny… that ironically I had become the Wal-Mart weirdo because I was taking pictures of cow tongues in jars.  I’m not kidding.  Even the spics were looking at me like I spit on the Virgin Mary.  Oh, don’t worry.  I didn’t mean spic as derogatory, because I am one.  Kind of like how only a certain group can use the “n” word amongst themselves.  Just jokes my friends, just jokes.  Send hate mail or counsel to
  • You must still read the labels.  Just because some countries are poor does not mean their corporations are beyond adding a lot of cheap foreign material to it.  I mean, look at our broke America.  They put silicone in my food! Some Oriental and Spanish food shamelessly add Mono Sodium Glutamate to their food.  Almost anything that ends in -mine does not belong in your plate.  My Cholas: please look carefully if you buy ADOBO seasoning.  The spanish version contains MSG.  The randomly enlightened North American version does not.  Some just sell MSG for a good brain rush.

  • A special side note:  The picture quality is to blame on my chronologically irrelevant phone in this rapidly evolving tech timeline we live in.  As a matter of fact, while I took the above picture, I lost the R key plate (that also doubles as the number 3 button).  No longer can I text you that, “I’m angry, Grrrr!”.  No, I’m just G.  Matching iPhones are in the works for Husband and me, but I fear divorce in the near future if we upgrade to such man-grabbing smartphones.  I would have to make an ElenAPP to get his attention.
  • Some popular organic brands are available in your Wal-Mart.  If you scan the rows long enough will magically appear in the back, hiding behind the pickles and the Twinkies.

And you thought the epitome of greatness was Peanut Butter. Bout time you experimented!

  • Please do yourself a favor and buy Gluten Free, Organic, and Environmentally Friendly Peanut Butter Panda Puffs!  They carry it at many Wal-Mart!  (Not in hick town though).  You don’t have to have Celiac’s Disease to want to stuff these down your pants. Try with vanilla soymilk. If you just don’t care, get Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal cause they are good, said the girl with the hives.

  • Here’s some common sense for all housewifes and home keepers, not rookies like me. Pragmatically speaking, not nutritionally, do buy the large strawberries so you don’t have to keep going back.  Don’t stock up on bulk broccoli just because you need to eat better.  Eating healthy food happens in baby steps for us Oreo-is-a-food-group eaters.  It is better you overdose on strawberries than spend your monies on a ton of greens that are just gonna get up on their stalks and walk away.
  • If you want your kids, I mean er, Husband to eat better…you’re gonnaa have to do some prep work.  Chop them fruits up pretty, try to put them in a prettier bowl that the tupperware below, and pin some fiery sparklers on top of them.  Handing them an apple is just laughable.  Slice it, dice it, eat a piece, garnish them and serve.  Arrange their cauliflower into little trees and take off the crust every once in a while on the sprouted whole grain bread.  Tell them there is sugar added in the berries.

  • This is what a fruit massacre looks like. “It was a run-by fruiting!” Bet you don’t know what I’m quoting?  Husband and I bonded on that quote long ago!  A million points if you know it:

  • I know this is obvious, but buy seasonally!  Try the things you were always afraid to try and do it while they’re dirt cheap.  Tis the season for papaya, kiwi, and watermelons.  I know this because it was on display, not because I subscribe to Southern Living.  In the days of yore (not sure when yore is), people would eat what was available in the area and nearby trade.  They didn’t have mass exports of kiwi in the dead of winter.  It makes sense that tropical people eat mangoes in the Caribbean to cool off, not in New England.  This is TRUE organic eating.  However, since we’re a spoiled peoples, let’s have our papaya and eat it too.  It makes your skin glow by the next day, great anti-inflammatory, protein breaker-upper, and you’ll poop like a duck. Eat. Boom! Poop.

Yes guessed it!  You must scoop out the seeds, possibly peel the skin, and dismember it into cubes to remove any semblance that it was once a papaya if you wants your family to go near it.  They don’t do fruit roll-ups with this many vitamins and fiber.

  • And if you don’t have that much fun in Wal-Mart after looking for little treasures and tricks, then stop by  Sweetbay’s Ethnic section.  guaranteed fun.  I spy with my eye:

In the English section. Love how it says sponge pudding.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go slurp on some cactus mucus….Bye.

Love,The Housewifee


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