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How do you like the British spelling on the favourites tab, eh?

I’ve loved blogs since I stumbled upon them back when blog was a nonsense toddler-like word.  Here are some of my favourites along with priceless and/or useful websites.  I’m always on the lookout for great stories or day-to-day adventures, battles, and ridiculousness.  Sometimes I simply want pictures to look at, a recipe idea, a good laugh, to satisfy my hypochondriac (but rightly validated) tendencies, and to learn how to build a bomb.

This page will update as I find/remember more gems along the way.


Oh She Glows


You don’t have to be a vegan to love her recipes.  Sometimes you just need to change it up.  And lets face it, those chain restaurants have the same menu with different spins on it.  Her photography is marvelous and she even gives tips on how to improve your own.  In here you can find inspiration on someone who found a road to health.  A runner, a homemaker, a business owner, and an admirable view on health, esteem, self, and family.

Hungry Hungry Hippie


This blog blows my mind, because food blows my mind.  I have to drastically avoid the foods that have made me sick, and here is a little haven of escape where almost everything is safe.  The food combinations are not what we are used to seeing.  Only a Cali girl can have this innate talent.  Out of all the blogs I visit, she has documents the a healthy diet that matches mine the best.  Mostly gluten-free, scarce on nightshade vegetables (or very optional), natural, and whole.  She is a fitness nut, an RN (they have the best stories), and it seems she has energy to give away.  She’s got a lot of years of blogging on her trail so I have a lot to go through.  Although every recipe she is fascinating, especially cauliflower rice, start with this quinoa granola.  *shudders with yummy excitement* I cannot wait until I’m healthier to round up these ingredients and play in the kitchen! Her personal viewpoint on weight vs. food is one that more people should have.

(Never) Home Maker


I love vegans and health nuts. This one particular full-time working, runner, home-maker blogger and her husband chronicle their food-for-fuel exploration for races and marathons; and just being practical. Her realness is refreshing.



This lady is just nuts, but I can’t help myself. Currently residing in Utah, she taught herself HTML and starting blogging in 2007 during her single crazy years, and now up until her two kids.  She is my inspiration for professional blogging. All she does is make money off of talking about her feelings!!! And she takes awesome pictures, and what hooked me is her tear-jerking, yet side-splitting, monthly letters to her daughter when she was born.  You’d have to rummage through archives to find those but the way she expresses herself about motherhood almost made me want to have a baby and keep it until it was three years old before I gave it away to some desperate rich family,

Cake Wrecks


A yummy site that started as a hobby and blew up into a whole culture.  Cakes gone atrociously wrong with misplaced punctuation marks, misspelled greetings, unruly icing, and sprinkled chaos.  Everyone loves cake and everyone loves a wreck. Best of both worlds collide here; and it helps that the narrator is sarcastically witty.  Also, every Sunday she posts the most beautiful cakes in the artisans’ bakery world.  Gotta love it.

Cupcake Takes the Cake


The guiltiest pleasure I’ll attest to.  A toe-curling, moan-inducing site. I do click out of there in a bad mood though being that I can’t shouldn’t eat wheat products. They have many a precious vegan and gluten-free delight, but when I view this site it feels like I’m hour away from the nearest health food stores.  This blog, of course, took off during that cupcake boom that took the world by storm.  I hope the hooplah doesn’t die. and therefore, I promote them on my blog.

Young House Love


This link and the following one, are women we love to hate, hate to love.  They do-it-all, on top of having a successful and repeatedly updated blog.  My friend just turned me on to this one, a Do It Yourself website that makes it seem that its easy as pie to makeover your home on a dime. It’s  for girls like me who want to be semi-handy or don’t have a clue about marvelous decorating, but would easily hammer their own heads before hitting a nail target as big as your hand.  She details, in what seem like simple steps, how to create something beautiful in your home.  Once my energy picks up,I’m gonna pick a project and finish attempt it from start to finish, no matter what mayhem results in the process.

The Pioneer Woman


Her blog has evolved and evolved. I can’t keep up with her blog, I don’t know how she can.  She’s the kind I want to shake their hands in admiration and then kick ’em in the shins and run.  I haven’t tried her recipes because of my diet, but if i could’ve, I would’ve.  Her photos make you want to bite the computer screen.  Now she’s expanding in individual tabs about cooking, photography, home and garden, homeschooling and tasty kitchen.  She’s published a book or two already. The stories about her Malboro Man and brother Mike are also magnificent.

Cute Overload


You’re just going to have to see for yourself.

Pietri Photography


Our wedding photographers and good friends. Check out their cute daughter and the naturally skillful talent caught on camera.  The one thing that Husband and I gave the most priority was the memories of our Big Day, since the actual day itself can whirl by as a blur, and they exceeded our expectations.  They’re here in the Tampa Bay area if you ever needed to make a photo session everything you always wanted.

Waiter Rant


The first blog I ever read.  It was new, weird, and fascinating.  A friend sent me the link and I was hooked.  An anonymous, well-versed, and wise waiter in a fancy bistro in New York City was letting the public in on the best and worst of diners, the do’s and don’ts of restaurant etiquette, and what really happens behind the kitchen.  Witty, wise, and eloquently honest, being a mystery man was probably the biggest intrigue.  He also exploded onto the scene and released some books.  Currently it seems that a guest writer picks up when he’s too busy, so go back to the beginning for the grit.

More to come…

Crabby Old Fart (The Problem With Young People Today Is)


This elderly man is so funny and honest it hurts.  I would say that its his age and senility that enables him to say whatever he wants about anyone, but I have a feeling this guy has always had strong opinions.  His punctuation, vocabulary, and harness of English prose is a dying art.  My God, he’s hilarious.  Start with this one: http://crabbyoldfart.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/in-praise-of-young-people/.

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