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Relating to Reality TV

Catherine Zeta Jones admits to the public she’s battling bipolar disorder, so it’s okay for the public to be a little more honest about their own mental health issues.  Now Toni Braxton is coming out with a reality TV show (because who isn’t coming out with a reality TV show?) on the WE channel to display to the world “THIS IS WHAT LUPUS LOOKS LIKE”.  Maybe now people will understand what it’s like? Whatever!

As if being a D-list celebrity with no worries about having a real job or wracking your head over where to afford the tests you need to understand health, rights, and benefits, is a realistic portrayal of what having lupus is all about?  I’m already fed-up, and hope the rest of you are, with Reality TV, but exploiting whatever minimal survival stories paired along side with dying fame is shameful.  Having a TV crew, makeup artist, and whatever else entourage may follow you and your ridiculous fame-seeking leaching family members and telling people it’s hard to be you because you’re tired doesn’t extract empathy from people in the real world.  Should it really take the voice of a celebrity to raise Lupus Awareness?  Not everyone with the Wolf Disease jumps on the diseased marathon band wagon or cares to attend conferences about “hope” and “butterfly survivors” and “spoonies.”  Certainly not me.  Some glamorize the disease as if it’s a culture in the making.  Same with the Breast Cancer Awareness, which has become more of a marketing opportunity, than actual knowledge and understanding of cancer.  Seriously, what truths have you learned about Pink Ribbons other than “it happens a lot” and “it’s a real problem”?

Although my feathers were ruffled upon hearing of this show, this scolding one is not truly toward the Braxton family.  My own frustration with my health is the reason over the upset of this edited view of chronic illness.  It’s a whole lot more than being exhausted.  It’s so difficult to try to be understood when you barely understand yourself.  It’s a lot uglier than what the public will perceive while these ladies parade their drama in couture apparel.  Many will think they relate to it, but they won’t.    Misinformation about any illness shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who isn’t directly experiencing yourself of someone you love.  Exploiting one case to the public will not accomplish much except limited awareness of the existence of this growing epidemic.

I don’t want to be a hater.  If people want to expose their life on day time TV, they have the right to do it, but please don’t bother with the catch phrase: “This is what lupus looks like.” Reality TV…is not real.


Maybe I should just keep my opinions to myself and be grateful that someone is willing to talk about it, even if in a comedic warped Hollywood script? Life should still be fabulous even if you feel like poop all the time, right? Right? (I ask, cause I honestly don’t know.)

Luckily, I don’t have the WE channel and I don’t have to bother with it.  I’m learning to deal with my health nearly on my own.  As you see, it causes a lot of emotional upset.  It requires a lot of humbling toward myself, toward our finicky nature and it’s complexities, toward the unsuspecting.  It feels more like a magical illusion than a balancing act, but it’ll be a wonderful success when I finally accept this new evolving lifestyle without getting so pissed about how other people deal with it.

Hearing about this new show amidst a barrage of addiction to celebrity lives caught me on a bad day and incited a rant.  I hope the next time I come to this blog is on a good day, one where I’m at a point of acceptance.  For now, I’m glad I had a reason to bitch about something else rather than my own problem. Ha.

Here’s a handful of positives vibe to make up for the venting comin at ya:  Relax, relate, release!

For anyone else suffering a chronic “something”, how do you find your balance? Or how are you finding it? Do you ever figure it out? Would love to hear someone else’s take on this.


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Top Ten Lists

The dog days are here (for Florida). It’s March Madness. I turned 28 this. I hesitantly signed up for the gym (since you know I have wonderful health). I returned a Blockbuster to movie Redbox. Husband has been out of town way too much. Oxford put LOL and OMG in the dictionary. This week skipped a day. Well, it didn’t really but I took work off Wednesday, convinced it was Thursday, missed my meeting, and now have an extra day of work, or so it feels like it.

Mercury must be in retrograde or the vernal moon threw everything off.  There’s a poor sense of flowing continuity. More like random scattered events and chores are taken care of during pocketed moments of lucidity and then I’m sucked back into a timespace jumble box where the days and minutes jump around. Also, I may be reading too much on parallel world physics.

Not feeling so hot lately, except for the literal heat beating down from the sun onto my sensitive skin or immune system. In the last few years, when I would spend a day at the beach, the rest of the week I would have some kind of feverish symptoms and be depleted. I always thought it was the beer/hydration but oh, how I’m learning new things. Now I’m getting the full blown detriment of what the sun does to people with lupus (which is still very confusing to me). There is something about heat, that to some, releases histamine wildly into the body. I either break down in hives or ‘exercise’ hives (urticaria), shut down completely, feel flushed, or swell up all over.  This is just another explanation for the abovementioned hesitance for signing up to a gym.  I overheat and then got little red bumps everywhere, thankfully its usually beneath the clothes, nothing obvious; but when I take a hot shower I look like a sci-fi creature.

Anyway, things should get better when I get my car back since I’m driving a car with no AC right now; or, when winter comes around again.  I’m not sure how the sensitivity to the sun works since everyone with Lupus reacts differently.  But for now my health, therefore sanity, is on a crazier roller coaster than Lindsey Lohan’s sobriety.

So that little intro segues to the following comedic relief that I found floating around the net.  The absurdity of life.

Here’s to hoping I get better soon so I can blog about something coherent, useful, and worthwhile without having to drop celebrity names to get more hits on the web:

10. Life is sexually transmitted.

9. Good health is merely the slowest rate at which one can die.

8. Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

7. Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the Internet and they won’t bother you for weeks.

6. Some people are like a slinky… not really good for anything, but you still can’t help but smile when you shove them down the stairs.

5. Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital dying of nothing. 

4. All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

3. Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars, and a substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents?

2. In the 60’s, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

1. We know exactly where one cow with mad-cow-disease is located among the millions and millions of cows in America, but we haven’t a clue as to where thousands of Illegal immigrants and Terrorists are located. Maybe we should put the Department of Agriculture in charge of immigration.

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Elephant and itises

(-itis: Greek derived suffix meaning inflammation)

Inflammation from head to toe.  Front to back.  Inside and out.  I feel like an elephant is trying to fit inside my human shell.

A cute one though:

via Cake Wrekcs

My hair feels like that too! Electrocuted scanty tufts!

Who would’ve thought my favorite picture ever on Cake Wrecks would’ve been of an elephant?

Some medicines, insurance rejections, and not carefully reading food labels have rendered me mentally and physically wrought.  As upset and overwhelmed as I am, I will not let it drag me down after all the progress I’ve made.  The thoughts that go through one’s heads while you’re experiencing pain are usually not reality based and can drag you down.  I know that the feeling of despair and defeat are not based on the facts, but on the current and ephemeral feelings of frustration.  Perspective is key.

My plea and reminder to all those who are sick and tired and being sick and tired is to remember to not be hard on yourself for not being able to do more, for not cleaning those last few pots leaving a food smell, and for having to stay in and watch yet another movie at home. Turn on a few candles, sit down, take naps, rest well, and another run of good days eventually comes around.

Do not punish yourself for not sticking to the diet 100% and if other people scold you for it, you tell THEM to not eat cookies for a whole year and watch them suck at it.  However, don’t give in to more no-no foods just because you’ve had it with the rice cakes.  Hang tight to the friends and family that support you and put aside the ones that don’t for a little while.  Do not resent the things you cannot do and the healthy people who do not relate to you anymore.  And do not feel the need to make others understand what you are going through (unless they ask).  They still care about you just as much even if they don’t really get it.   Mostly, stop trying to explain to yourself why you should be washing the car , re-tiling the kitchen, and hitting the gym.

Do relax while you wait for the worse to past and start your game plan on how to carry on stronger the next go round of health you have.  The easier you are on your body, the sooner you will feel better.  Do remember to wear something cute and put some color on your face even if you’re stuck home.  And do take the down time to think and do something for the other people who have it rough too like a faithful caretaker, a friend who sticks to you when you’re bummy, a congregation member who’s ill, or the families in Japan.  Being chronically ill does not change you’re relevancy in being there for others.

Learn the drill cycle and follow through. (Insert smiley face emoticon here).

And for God’s sake, if you’re allergic to gluten, stop looking at cake websites unless you have the energy and $60 to buy the supplies and ingredients for a wheat free, yeast free, sugar free, night-shade free vegetable, cake.



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Wal-Mart Fun, Insights, Tangents, and Bulletpoints

  • This post will constitute the greatness that is Walmart fun.  It is what happens when you’re not in a rush, don’t want to bring WMD with you,  and don’t focus on the ungodly alienesque (redudant) characters that roam the stores frightening the cohabitation of the average citizen, making us ponder the unanswered question…why are we here?
  • Times are tough.  The economy is bringing people together at Walmart.  For the most part, you can spot a person who doesn’t belong in there and you identify their economical and life status.  Nicely groomed man: Wife left him, took everything. A well dressed career woman pushes around a cart, puzzled and flustered: Husband is in debt.  High-end snob model: she’s lost or is too blonde to know she’s making all the rednecks drop their canned goods on their crusty toes.
  • It will expound upon some tips on nutritional food, insights, Walmart sight-seeing, money saving tactics and tid-bits I’ve picked up along the way.
  • It will be laid out in bullet point format for the mom-in-a-hurry, the business woman, or those with  Internet ADHD Syndrome (the ones who click on all external links, and find themselves reading about Tanzania’s President by the time their done), or people like me: the coherently fractured mind (paradoxical).
  • Money saving tips – Produce: buy at corner vegetable and fruit stands.  No bagging, no stock boy, no corn wax. For Asian, Jamaican, Latin, and world recipes..find a local ethnic store.  Everything will be ridiculously cheaper there.
  1. Curries
  2. Corn Masa
  3. Rice and Beans
  4. Herbs and Spices
  5. Coconut Milk
  6. Noodles
  7. Sauces
  8. Weird plants
  9. Oxtail Seasoning.. Wait. What? (Emphasis on the WH)

There is no doubt why some whities think the spanish are a bit from the another world.

No croutons. I’ve got just the thing!

Truth is, in the Spanish section, I found pumpkin seeds perfect for snacks and granola, which I paid a Starbuck’s coffee’s worth more for it at a natural health food store (even though I’m not supposed to drink coffee).  Anyway, these are not highly processed.  Get your anti-inflammatory curry powder here!  It’s not just for people with disease: people with allergies, people who work out.  Get your banana leaves here…haha..

  • Funny… that the Wal-Mart I patronized did not list it as the Ethnic Foods Isle.  They labeled it Latin Foods.

The other cultures look tame next to these guys.

  • Not funny… that ironically I had become the Wal-Mart weirdo because I was taking pictures of cow tongues in jars.  I’m not kidding.  Even the spics were looking at me like I spit on the Virgin Mary.  Oh, don’t worry.  I didn’t mean spic as derogatory, because I am one.  Kind of like how only a certain group can use the “n” word amongst themselves.  Just jokes my friends, just jokes.  Send hate mail or counsel to :bunnybutt83@yahoo.com
  • You must still read the labels.  Just because some countries are poor does not mean their corporations are beyond adding a lot of cheap foreign material to it.  I mean, look at our broke America.  They put silicone in my food! Some Oriental and Spanish food shamelessly add Mono Sodium Glutamate to their food.  Almost anything that ends in -mine does not belong in your plate.  My Cholas: please look carefully if you buy ADOBO seasoning.  The spanish version contains MSG.  The randomly enlightened North American version does not.  Some just sell MSG for a good brain rush.

  • A special side note:  The picture quality is to blame on my chronologically irrelevant phone in this rapidly evolving tech timeline we live in.  As a matter of fact, while I took the above picture, I lost the R key plate (that also doubles as the number 3 button).  No longer can I text you that, “I’m angry, Grrrr!”.  No, I’m just G.  Matching iPhones are in the works for Husband and me, but I fear divorce in the near future if we upgrade to such man-grabbing smartphones.  I would have to make an ElenAPP to get his attention.
  • Some popular organic brands are available in your Wal-Mart.  If you scan the rows long enough will magically appear in the back, hiding behind the pickles and the Twinkies.

And you thought the epitome of greatness was Peanut Butter. Bout time you experimented!

  • Please do yourself a favor and buy Gluten Free, Organic, and Environmentally Friendly Peanut Butter Panda Puffs!  They carry it at many Wal-Mart!  (Not in hick town though).  You don’t have to have Celiac’s Disease to want to stuff these down your pants. Try with vanilla soymilk. If you just don’t care, get Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal cause they are good, said the girl with the hives.

  • Here’s some common sense for all housewifes and home keepers, not rookies like me. Pragmatically speaking, not nutritionally, do buy the large strawberries so you don’t have to keep going back.  Don’t stock up on bulk broccoli just because you need to eat better.  Eating healthy food happens in baby steps for us Oreo-is-a-food-group eaters.  It is better you overdose on strawberries than spend your monies on a ton of greens that are just gonna get up on their stalks and walk away.
  • If you want your kids, I mean er, Husband to eat better…you’re gonnaa have to do some prep work.  Chop them fruits up pretty, try to put them in a prettier bowl that the tupperware below, and pin some fiery sparklers on top of them.  Handing them an apple is just laughable.  Slice it, dice it, eat a piece, garnish them and serve.  Arrange their cauliflower into little trees and take off the crust every once in a while on the sprouted whole grain bread.  Tell them there is sugar added in the berries.

  • This is what a fruit massacre looks like. “It was a run-by fruiting!” Bet you don’t know what I’m quoting?  Husband and I bonded on that quote long ago!  A million points if you know it:

  • I know this is obvious, but buy seasonally!  Try the things you were always afraid to try and do it while they’re dirt cheap.  Tis the season for papaya, kiwi, and watermelons.  I know this because it was on display, not because I subscribe to Southern Living.  In the days of yore (not sure when yore is), people would eat what was available in the area and nearby trade.  They didn’t have mass exports of kiwi in the dead of winter.  It makes sense that tropical people eat mangoes in the Caribbean to cool off, not in New England.  This is TRUE organic eating.  However, since we’re a spoiled peoples, let’s have our papaya and eat it too.  It makes your skin glow by the next day, great anti-inflammatory, protein breaker-upper, and you’ll poop like a duck. Eat. Boom! Poop.

Yes guessed it!  You must scoop out the seeds, possibly peel the skin, and dismember it into cubes to remove any semblance that it was once a papaya if you wants your family to go near it.  They don’t do fruit roll-ups with this many vitamins and fiber.

  • And if you don’t have that much fun in Wal-Mart after looking for little treasures and tricks, then stop by  Sweetbay’s Ethnic section.  guaranteed fun.  I spy with my eye:

In the English section. Love how it says sponge pudding.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go slurp on some cactus mucus….Bye.

Love,The Housewifee


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Easy on the Knees Lentils and No-Knuckle Coconut Rice

Before I proceed to the recipe and methodology of how I prepare 3 fixings in less than 10 minutes, for the woman who wears short skirts and long jackets (sweatpants and a ponytail is okay too), I have a personal news update to relate.  It will not affect your recipe, only mine.  And I’ll be damned that I still haven’t bought that sponge bat that should be a prized possession in my home.

(If you wish, scroll straight to the food!)

Just now, I had some of the world renowned personal favorite in my house hold, Lentils A la Housewife.  They are one of husbands favorite quickies (also an excuse to assist in meat reduction from his diet.  He eats healthy but it could always use some help).  I’ve noticed this every time, although subtle:  The back of my head swells.  My heart races. My hands and feet turn red and puffy.  I want to cry or scream.  Preferably scream, but before I get labeled schizophrenic in public, I stick to imperceptible sobbing or mild ranting of anything and everything.  I’ve been delaying the inevitable…looking up the poorly labeled spice ingredients on my Badia spice tube.

I’m know sensitive to brown rice, one of the few things freely on my you-won’t-die list and which I love.  I’m not sensitive to lentils.  So why do I feel pain in my clavicle and ears???  I’ve learned to shun the potatoes, I’m really okay that I can’t eat eggplant, the Tabasco has been a hit to my soul, but curry? I can’t have curry??? Nooooooooooo!

This was my elven little kitchen helper, my buddy, my best friend with benefits, my go-to spice!  And of course it seemed obvious if it tastes to good, something must definitely be wrong.  But Denial is not a river in Egypt.  I knew what I had to do. Checking online, my suspicions were evinced: the hidden little menace is red pepper.  This. Changes. Everything.

Ok, now that I got the drama aside, it doesn’t change much which cannot be fixed with about $6-$8.  If you can’t have nightshade vegetables -red pepper or paprika for this argument- for the health of your joints, neuro-health, or muscle pain, it’s time to learn to make your own curry.  I would prepare the spices myself with a spice grinder if I didn’t prefer to budget my next gadget for a Tofu Xpress.  But all it requires is a blend of the following spices:

  • cumin
  • cardamom
  • coriander
  • turmeric
  • dry mustard
  • ground ginger
  • garlic powder

Leave out if nightshade veggie sensitive:

  • paprika or cayenne powder (if you’re blessed enough, or just normal)

Curry is versatile and subject to style and culture; open to an endless variety of combinations.  The Badia one I currently own, delicious, costs about a dollar at any ol’ grocery store.  Theirs includes fennel, and all spice, which I will be testing with those as well in my new Housewife Curry.  Just mix in one container and sprinkle!  Here is the basic recipe I found it from, though there are many others.

Now, we can move on to my easy-as-cake, but less-icing quickie meals.  This is a modified version of one my momma used to make.  Specifically the lentils she made contained beef and tomato sauce.  Well, I don’t like masticating dead cows (personal issue) and tomato sauce is sadly out of the question.  She also used those chicken cubes for seasoning, but I don’t want any animals in this food.  It tastes just as good, if not better.  That’s not a challenge to my mother, she’s still the best.  Now I know many might see this recipe as very easy, but I am not Wolfgang Puck and don’t claim to be awesome in the kitch.  My Husband is my biggest fan, but we both know that I’m still a novice and the disclaimer is on the front of this blog, learning to be a newlywed.  I intend to be as chunky and buttery as Paula Dean some day, but until then, a poor, tired woman’s meal will do.

Basically, I get home from work, aching, breaking, but most importantly, ravenous. On a health day, I would take out some onions and garlic, but even chopping can be an exhausting task for my hands and joints.  Standing too long makes just about everything hurt, but life doesn’t end at 5pm.  I must eat and feed the ones I love.  If he’s lucky, he gets clean underwear too. Laughing. Out. Loud.

Items needed: A rice cooker, pressure cooker, and medium pot at least 5 quarts).  See the rest below.

1) Take out all the spices. And Olive Oil.

Onion powder, Garlic powder, Bay Leaves, Cumin, Dill Weed, Curry (homemade from now on for me)

Also , basic salt and pepper. For toppings you will need either Greek plain yogurt, Sour Cream, or Feta Cheese crumbles.

2) Gather all subject foods:

(Sorry about picture placement, still haven’t gotten to that part in my HTML book.)

Note: Whole foods all the way.  Less chemicals, toxins, cleaner, and more nourishment.  There are variations of course.  If Husband is in town, we get jasmin rice which is still whole and pure, just hulled.  Make sure they haven’t added salts, oils, or preservatives.  You do that on your own.  For the extremely sensitive gluten free watchers, be careful about the warnings.  A trace of wheat will not do much to me, but worth a caution. Last but not least, if you struggle getting your brown rice to come out soft and fluffly, buy organic.  big different in softness.

3) Rinse all in respective cooking containers. Refill with water (according to likeness or package label):

  • Rice in rice cooker (Must have!) (For brown rice 2 cups of water per 1 of rice)
  • Lentils in pot (Should already.) (About 6 or 7 cups of water)
  • Black beans in pressure cooker.  (If you don’t have a pressure cooker, cook in much larger pot and make sure you soaked them overnight. Follow package instructions because I’m doing the pressure cooker method here.) (7 or 8 of water)

4) Prep

  • Rice: Throw in salt to taste and a half of teaspoon of oil
  • Lentils: To taste: Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder for easy version.  Add all other spices mentioned above for a party in your mouth. About two bay leaves. HOLD THE DILL WEED. Go Crazy on the Curry.  The others, about one tablespoon.
  • Black beans: To taste – Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.  Lots of onion and garlic.

5) Light it on fire!

  • Rice: about 30 minutes, depending on how many cups you made
  • Lentils: Bring to boil, and then down to a strong simmer for 45 mins.
  • Black beans: Bring to a boil or when the pressure majigger is toppling about, and bring to medium heat for 30-45 mins.  (This varies on the cooker you have, check instructions)

6) Sit down and catch up on a book or watch The Simpsons if that’s the only decent thing to watch on antenna.

Please listen to the music while you’re holding.

7) Serve!

Rice in bowl, dump on plenty of dill weed. Pour the lentils on top. Add one tablespoon of plain greek yogurt (Mom would used sour cream), or drizzle Feta Cheese (I use Athenos which is not real feta, be that know to ye). Scramble and enjoy all the protein you need to get you by.  A spicy/cool dish. Voila! Mangia! Eat it!

8 ) Oh yea, the black beans are for tomorrow. Eat it with leftover brown rice and butternut squash,(another throw in the oven and leave gem) , scrambled eggs and an avocado, tortilla wraps and quick and easy ground organic turkey that doesn’t taste as dead as processed dead turkey; make sure cheese is involved if you’re not a vegan or have the butt bursts.

You can take half of that amount and put in the Magic Bullet or Blender, then some oil in a pan and heat them up to a boil.  You got refried beans that are muy rico.

Lentils and Coconut Rice

Here is the recipe without the beans included, and a very special feature to change it up (still easy), Coconut Rice! Also, is the version if you have enough chopping energy for full flavor.  Nummy, Nummy!


1) 1 cup of Lentils

2) Onion powder or 1/2 and onion (no need to dice)

3) Garlic powder or 2 garlic cloves (no need to dice)

4) Salt to taste

The rest of the spices and ingredients are optional, but awesome all together. Add your own if you like:

SPICES (All to taste)

5) Curry – Heap it on

6) Bay leaves – 2 or 3 leaves

7) Cumin

8 ) Dill Weed (dry)

TOPPINGS (either or)

9) Feta Cheese

10) Greek Plain Low or Nonfat Yogurt

Rinse lentils.  Follow the water:lentil ratio on the bag. Bring to a boil.  Simmer for 45 minutes.  That’s it.


2 cups jasmine rice

1 can unsweetened coconut milk

1 cup water

salt to taste

I make the rice with a rice cooker and go according to the usual directions.  It takes about 20 minutes.  If you don’t have a rice cooker, go buy one! I use mine about 3 times a week.


Serve desired amount of rice.  Sprinkle the rice with a ton of dill weed. Pour desired amount of lentils over it.  Add a heaping tablespoon of either feta cheese of Greek yogurt.  Mix and ready to serve. All protein and carb requirements are made.

Set up the lentils first for time-length purposes, then the rice and sit back.

There it is ladies and gentlemen…an easy Monday recipe that would make felon Martha Stewart and psycho Rachel Ray say Mmm..now thats good, and Yumm-o!  No chopping required, about 8 minutes or less of prep time, and foods that’ll help the week get started and leave plenty of leftovers.

I know I said I’m gonna stop promising things, but there a tortilla tutorial coming in the near future.  I just won’t promise when.  We eat too much bread. I… can’t eat bread that doesn’t taste like paste.  So it’s time to change it up.  White Boys go crazy for these.

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Deceptively Awesome, Poisonous Vegetables – EXPOSED!

(This is a long entry but if you or anyone you love suffers arthritis, any of the “itis-es”, or chronic pain…it might interest you.  These are very little known facts that are only recently being studied, no thanks to our lovely FDA and USDA.  If you don’t want french fries ruined for this group of people, don’t read it. I’m serious. I’m exposing the vegetables because we’re not on speaking terms.)

Imagine slobbering over your favorite food: a cheese pizza spilling all over its crust, slurping comfort mashed potatoes straight off the plate with no hands, a honky cheeseburger dripping condiments on your chin.  You’re so enthralled you don’t notice the stains on your white dress and your eyes are rolling to the back of your head. You don’t want this moment to end.

Now, imagine I come and slap it out of your hands.  Splat.

You blink at me, unsure of what just transpired. It stings a bit.  You’re confused, but it doesn’t process.  You start to take another bite, not defiantly but more because you are sure I did not just do that! One eye stays on me are your meal approaches your lips. But this time I snatch it and sit on it. That’s when you punch me and your own hand ends up on fire. You say it was worth it. It was and it wasn’t.

And that’s what happened to me.  I had inklings that some foods were having adverse reactions.  I continued eating normally, but with suspicions.  Eventually, they were verified by elimination.  You would think I was talking about starchy foods here as I do have a wheat allergy.  That’s not it;  leaving you to think maybe this is when she found out cookies are off the list. Nope.  Not it.  I can work my way around sugary treats (if I’m cleared for sugar): can you say gluten-free brownie (no flour)?

via gfdfw.blogspot.com; Thank you Bonefish Grill

I’m talking about vegetables. Wha she sayyy? Well some are faux-vegetable fruits, but otherwise known as healthy victuals, right? Wrong.

Apparently, there is a group of vegetables living secretly out there that are naturally toxic. More harmful to some than others, so some of you may come out of this article safely.

Of course, it’s the fun ones: tomatoes, potatoes, spicy peppers, bell peppers. The miraculous functions of the body help you clean out foreign agents that enter via mouth, skin, orifices…(fading out).  But in a chemical-overload world it can gradually affect our cleaning abilities at such high rates and begin to effect harm, defying nature’s intendion to battle it out for us so we can enjoy sucking ketchup packets dry (I never did that. Sure didn’t.)…

Well, just see for yourself in the following article (Random blue lettering will denote my personal commentary, in the voice of Tina Fey. The narrative itself, Alec Baldwin.):



During World War I, when the blockade of Denmark prevented the importation of food, the people of Denmark survived largely on potatoes as well as whole grain bread and porridge, cabbage, and milk. The death rate in Denmark actually fell during this time, as Mikkel Hindhede of the Laboratory for Nutrition Research in Denmark reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1920.

Hindhede noted that based on previous experiments, an exclusive diet of potatoes with fat will sustain good health for at least a year.

Additionally, both potato broth and raw potato juice have been used for healing purposes.


Tomatoes are a staple of the healthy Mediterranean diet, along with olive oil, and other whole grain and vegetable foods. Mmmmm (rubbing tummy with closed eyes.)

Tomatoes are the best and most common source of lycopene, the pigment that makes tomatoes red. Lycopene is a carotenoid, a cousin of beta-carotene. It’s a unique antioxidant that, especially in food form, fights cancer and heart disease. It even survives heat and thus concentrates in cooked tomatoes.

Chile Peppers

Chile peppers are rich in Vitamin C and carotenoids. Besides being fun for their sharp taste and stinging sensation, they will clear your sinuses and are particularly good for colds.

That stinging sensation is the result of capsaicin, one of the nightshade alkaloids.
Stinging. So…. let me get this straight?


Nightshade family plants manufacture drug-like chemicals within their tissues. These chemicals are of a type known as alkaloids.

Nicotine is the most well known of the nightshade alkaloids. It’s produced by the tobacco plant, which is a nightshade plant.

A number of drugs and pesticides are derived from nightshade alkaloids. Drugs include belladonna, atropine, and scopolamine; some pesticides are based on nicotine.

A few of the nightshade alkaloids:

* Nicotine (tobacco)
* Solanine (potatoes and eggplant)
* Tomatine (tomatoes)
* Capsaicin (chile peppers)

Commence riotous pandemonium!  Protest the smoking of vegetables!

Green potatoes are toxic due to the alkaloid solanine. When potatoes are exposed to light, the potatoes’ increased production of solanine causes the green tint. Do not eat green potatoes! They are toxic enough to cause poisoning.

Potato sprouts also contain enough solanine to be toxic. Cut out the sprout and its eye before use.

Due to these alkaloids, the leaves and stalks of these plants are poisonous. The ripe fruits and tubers also contain the alkaloids, but in much smaller amounts.

Capsaicin is what is so hot about hot peppers; it has both medicinal use and potential subclinical toxicity. Ay ay ay! I’m the only non-spicy latina. Gotta go back to bland.

Chronic Pain

In some people, the nightshade vegetables appear to cause arthritic pain, arthritic deformity, nerve pain, and other central nervous system problems. Preach!

When Norman Childers of Rutgers University reviewed the veterinary literature about livestock that grazed on nightshade plants, he connected the reported illness, crippling, and death to arthritis and other manifestations of chronic pain in humans.

The alkaloids found in common nightshade vegetables are powerful, with effects on various tissues, including the membranes of the cells of the body. They bioaccumulate: they remain unprocessed by the body and simply accumulate in tissues.
Lord have mercy!

In addition, nightshade alkaloids are cholinesterase inhibitors, just as organophosphate pesticides are. They affect the central nervous system and cause, among other adverse effects, pain. No pain, no gain?

Avoidance For Pain Relief

For sufferers of chronic musculoskeletal pain of any cause, Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD recommends eliminating the nightshade family for a three-month trial. Serious time. According to Dr. Rogers and Dr. Childers, most people with chronic pain get major or complete relief from nightshade avoidance.

This requires:

* Avoidance of nightshade vegetables and nightshade spices
* Avoidance of tobacco (or co-workers who blow smoke in your face, literally ruining the waking next hour)
* Avoidance of nightshade ingredients in processed food

Basically, I need to check into rehab.

Chile pepper or paprika is in cola drinks (hence “Dr. Pepper” as well as the more famous brands), snacks, breadings, meat flavoring, and more. Frequently these spices are listed on the label only as “Spices,” “Flavors,” or “Natural Flavorings.” I’ve learned this the hard way. Over and over. So, maybe I’m not quite learning it so much as just knowing it.

Potato starch, often in processed foods, may be listed only as “starch” or “protein” on labels. A true heartbreaker for I thought I had green light on some of the most finger-slurpin treats. Better than average flour mixes. My husband would eat my GF brownies! Which was fine because I was on the floor after I finished mine. (If you have no food allergies, I recommend this.  It would be healthy and delicious to ease up on wheat products.  American’s accidentally eat too much wheat anyway.):

All containing potato starch! Which explains why in less than 5 minutes of eating, I'm doubled over in agony, everwhere, conflicted whether I should desist the madness, or suck it up and sit in a vat of numbing ice and sleep it off.

Potato starch is a frequent filler in medications and vitamin supplements. Sneaky, sneaky.

More on How To Do A No Nightshades Diet

Unhealthy And Addictive Uses Of Nightshade Vegetables

The nightshade alkaloids appear to be addictive, which is amplified by the vegetables’ abuse in unhealthy foods.

I believe the combination of nightshade alkaloids with addictive food processing methods makes the following so addictive:


* French fries made with trans fats, MSG, additives
* Pizza made with trans fats, white flour, artificial flavors, MSG, additives
* Commercial Mexican food made with trans fats, MSG, additives
* Commercial Szechwan food made with MSG, additives
* Commercially breaded foods
* Cola drinks
* Chile pepper in processed food

Speaking of which, this was taken on my cell phone. They actually SELL raw neurotoxins for about $1. Pop rocks and coke for your brain.

That’s right…EXPOSED.

List of Nightshade Vegetables (Solanaceae Family)

Culinary Vegetables

Bell pepper (sweet pepper)

Italian pepper

Chile pepper Before my diagnosis, when I switched over to a natural diet, I quadrupled the amount and types of spices I would experiment with, not noticing all the while that it only makes perfect sense that food that makes you tear and lips crack might also have other adverse effects. Indian food, I will miss you dearly. Mexico, adios.

Examples of varieties:

Pimiento / pimento



Chili powder (some ingredients of)
Curry (some ingredients of) (WAIT I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ONE…HAND ME THE PAPER BAG. STAT!!!!)

Ketchup I will never love another french fry. Doesn’t matter anyway because I can’t eat potatoes.
Tabasco Parting is such sweet and spicy sorrow.

Culinary Fruit
Cape gooseberry
Goji berry

Tobacco I could use this case against co-worker habits. Mwahahaha. (Yes, just breathing it makes my head pound and my brain irate.)

End of Article.

Now you may be thinking you’re home free; that it doesn’t apply to you.  And you may be right; but there are many alternative ways to have an optimum lifestyle and diet is the key.  Too much of any good thing is not a balanced diet, even certain veggies.  I lived with vague symptoms until I turned 27 years old, to be put on an anti-inflammatory diet and suddenly started feeling better.  I always felt healthy during vegetarian and vegan diets, but something was missing.   It built up until it was too late and only a few months ago I was enduring the most severe times of my life.  As a matter of fact, we couldn’t understand why every time I ate my organic and simply seasoned salmon I’d still end up stressed and bawling my eyes out 15 minutes later.  Who knew paprika was the culprit?  If you tend to feel sick after you eat almost every time… start getting curious and researching.  If you feel great when you skip dinner, sleep overnight, skip breakfast, and feel sickly again at lunch…be open to suspicion.  PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY.   It’s trying to tell you something.

I imagined it was all in my head many times, that I was being paranoid; people thought I was ridiculous, a hypochondriac. Even doctors scoffed at my suggestions and referred me to psychiatrists. Not anymore.  If my Rheumatogolist did anything to ease the pain in my life, it was to point me in the right direction. So the best place to start is an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET.  Understanding it makes for a successful experiment.  Your bones might start cracking less if you decide to do humor this diet, or all of a sudden you might lose  8 lbs of straight up inflammation like it happened to me.  If you could never get rid of belly fat or lose weight no matter how many salads full of colorful veggies you forced down your throat, check this book out.  The inflammation is can very invisible.  People will multiple sclerosis do as similar diet.  Some go hardcore and do the Paleolithic Diet (great for gluten-free and Multiple Sclerosis inductees) and live extremely wholesome lives after this; great moods and sharp minds.

The Inflammation Syndrome

P.S. Given the information, I really don’t know if this means you can have just a measure of these veggies if they’re not processed, but it would seem so if you’re generally healthy.  However, with my personal toxicity level, I’m leaving them out until Dr. Dana checks my food sensitivity readings after the detox. There is still hope, although not guaranteed, that I may be able to reintroduce certain foods in my life once my blood gets a good scrubbin.  I will not count on it, but it’s nice to have it in the bottom of the hope bag.  I may choose not to go back to a more leniant diet even if my body gets clean, only because with my post-damage genes it might be safer. And I’ll stay thin without so much struggle.

It’s not easy to cut some things out of your life, even if they’re not healthy for you. But sometimes after enough lashings you learn your lessons. And I’m staying away from the pasta. If not, I have a friend ready to roundhouse any cherry tomatoes I try to pop right out of my crackling knuckles.

Coming soon:

Stay tuned in the next few days and behold the story of what such a crass and sudden restriction of delicious vegetables does to a woman.  Hear the heartbreaking ups and downs of a love affair with tomatoes. See the horror of relapse, the concerned relatives, and wait until you hear about the secret escapades with the forbidden fruit, it will be ugly…  Outright, gory… And sssaucy. Will she overcome this healthy addiction, gone compl-lete-ly wrong? Next on 20/20.


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Pacing myself, Schmacing myself

Living with chronic fatigue and inflammation, the trick is to learn how to pace yourself. Pacing myself is something I’ve never known and might never learn.

Tonight, there is no in-depth and motivated housewifing or organic products to share.  I left work a few minutes earlier so that I may go home and rest since I felt some stress shoving up against the threshold.  The plan was nap, then exercise, then housewife.

But once I was home free, it was so breezy and sunny out….

The plan turned into: go shopping for things that weren’t on the list, reorganize the pantry, refry yesterday’s batch of black beans, make dinner, wash dishes, pass out hopelessly at 6pm with swelling from head to toe, swollen throat and mild flu-like symptoms.

Dang it.

My strength may or may not pick up again and the inflammation may or may not decrease.  At this point, I have to coddle my bratty immune system if there exists any chance of finishing my plans or I’ll end up watching all of Wednesday’s NBC line up.  If I do feel better, I’ll be making more celery juice for wellness and taking advantage of some exotic plants I found during my earlier fake-energy boost exploration.  I discovered a Latin supermarket and bought aloe vera and nopal, the spiky gooey plants that have been Aztec medicinal secrets for centuries.  Getting in touch with my Indian roots. I don’t know how to use them and their exact health benefits, but if I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

via enchiel.blogspot.com

So here is a little treat I prepared a few days ago. Check it out: I created a new page, a link tab of favorite blogs.  The list will be ever increasing, but just a few for now. Gotta pace myself.


Shout-out to friends: To those of you who know I have meeting tonight, Husband is out of town so we’re going together tomorrow to another one. Will miss you.


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