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Are You Suggesting Coconuts Migrate?

The last few times I’ve had ice cream, I end up taking two hour death naps and waking up only to realize my muscles are as paralyzed as there were in my brief REM. Can’t even kick the cats off my face.  No. Idea. Why. A little bit of dairy doesn’t hurt me.  My guess? The gluten or the stuff they use for fillers in regular mill ice cream.

So, it’s Friday and I’ve had enough roughage this week and am dying to get home.  Time for a treat. Pass by Sweetbays.  They’re organic section is usually overpriced but I always check just in case.  Walk by the frozen organics and the only words that reach out to me are coconut milk and dairy free. $4.29. Popped it in my cart.  I don’t wait until I get home.  No, I unwrap that baby right in the car. I take them out… and they’re microscopic!  It’s like they knew I was a midget!

I check the box, the biggest word on the box was minis.  Losing!

Then I bite into and its chocolately through and through! What? Look at the box.  The next huge word was fudge! Not a big fan of fudgy stuff unless its in brownies and my body didn’t want a rich and sinful treat, just something digestible and cool. I should try paying attention, no?

It did taste coconuty though and lately I have a love affair with all things coconut. Soy, I just have crushes on. All in all, it was delicious.  I check the box one more time so see what else I missed….. 70 Calories. And 6 grams of sugar.  Something about healthy fats.  And speaking of fats, these last few weeks I’m stuffed myself with the most fat I ever had since my running days and lost more weight.  The memo was: if you don’t eat enough fat, you won’t lose weight.  I always knew this but was so paranoid with that misunderstood word I would deprive myself.  So, I’m about to get my coconut-fudge on and eat like 4 more. Winning!

Here’s one Thailandish gemstone I found in the MexiBori mart (“Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?”)(must watch):

Nummy, Nummy.

Again, I go so excited with the coconuts I didn’t realize it wasn’t a ready to eat gelato or yogurt.  I just assumed it was. So I ended up stuck with this for 24 hours:


"Frozen halves of coconuts"

Anyway, it’s coconut juice, coconut meat, a bit of sugar, and agar powder. That’s it.  Once it defrosts its like a crystalized drink and occasional bites of coconut.  Que rico.

More easy-peasy, gluten free, healthy fats, and winning treats.  In the last week I made:

  • Quinoa Granola (leads to incontinence accidents it’s so good. It has El Coco!):

Click for recipe at Hungry Hungry Hippie

  • And made my own Hummus, with varying levels of garlic.  1) One batch for when husband is home. 2) Tons of garlic for when he’s out of town. 3) No I didn’t bother with the garnish.  Best hummus I ever had and love the power kick you get from saying, “I make my own hummus”.  It was getting complicated to go to Whole Foods every time with the frequency and quantity in which I consume it.  The Sabra and Athenos make my brain hurt because of the  additives.

Ditto on linking to recipe

Love, Peace, Coconut Grease.

(Literally, I’m about to put some coconut oil on my hurr to make it healthy and delicious.)

Read up on some awesome health benefits from your favorite nuts!

http://products.mercola.com/coconut-oil/ (Actually a video, I know some of you love Dr. Mercola.  He’s encouraging the eating of fat!)

http://hubpages.com/hub/Health_Benefits_of_Coconut Top 10 list!

http://www.coconutoilhealthbenefits.com/ A few more interesting facts


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Easy on the Knees Lentils and No-Knuckle Coconut Rice

Before I proceed to the recipe and methodology of how I prepare 3 fixings in less than 10 minutes, for the woman who wears short skirts and long jackets (sweatpants and a ponytail is okay too), I have a personal news update to relate.  It will not affect your recipe, only mine.  And I’ll be damned that I still haven’t bought that sponge bat that should be a prized possession in my home.

(If you wish, scroll straight to the food!)

Just now, I had some of the world renowned personal favorite in my house hold, Lentils A la Housewife.  They are one of husbands favorite quickies (also an excuse to assist in meat reduction from his diet.  He eats healthy but it could always use some help).  I’ve noticed this every time, although subtle:  The back of my head swells.  My heart races. My hands and feet turn red and puffy.  I want to cry or scream.  Preferably scream, but before I get labeled schizophrenic in public, I stick to imperceptible sobbing or mild ranting of anything and everything.  I’ve been delaying the inevitable…looking up the poorly labeled spice ingredients on my Badia spice tube.

I’m know sensitive to brown rice, one of the few things freely on my you-won’t-die list and which I love.  I’m not sensitive to lentils.  So why do I feel pain in my clavicle and ears???  I’ve learned to shun the potatoes, I’m really okay that I can’t eat eggplant, the Tabasco has been a hit to my soul, but curry? I can’t have curry??? Nooooooooooo!

This was my elven little kitchen helper, my buddy, my best friend with benefits, my go-to spice!  And of course it seemed obvious if it tastes to good, something must definitely be wrong.  But Denial is not a river in Egypt.  I knew what I had to do. Checking online, my suspicions were evinced: the hidden little menace is red pepper.  This. Changes. Everything.

Ok, now that I got the drama aside, it doesn’t change much which cannot be fixed with about $6-$8.  If you can’t have nightshade vegetables -red pepper or paprika for this argument- for the health of your joints, neuro-health, or muscle pain, it’s time to learn to make your own curry.  I would prepare the spices myself with a spice grinder if I didn’t prefer to budget my next gadget for a Tofu Xpress.  But all it requires is a blend of the following spices:

  • cumin
  • cardamom
  • coriander
  • turmeric
  • dry mustard
  • ground ginger
  • garlic powder

Leave out if nightshade veggie sensitive:

  • paprika or cayenne powder (if you’re blessed enough, or just normal)

Curry is versatile and subject to style and culture; open to an endless variety of combinations.  The Badia one I currently own, delicious, costs about a dollar at any ol’ grocery store.  Theirs includes fennel, and all spice, which I will be testing with those as well in my new Housewife Curry.  Just mix in one container and sprinkle!  Here is the basic recipe I found it from, though there are many others.

Now, we can move on to my easy-as-cake, but less-icing quickie meals.  This is a modified version of one my momma used to make.  Specifically the lentils she made contained beef and tomato sauce.  Well, I don’t like masticating dead cows (personal issue) and tomato sauce is sadly out of the question.  She also used those chicken cubes for seasoning, but I don’t want any animals in this food.  It tastes just as good, if not better.  That’s not a challenge to my mother, she’s still the best.  Now I know many might see this recipe as very easy, but I am not Wolfgang Puck and don’t claim to be awesome in the kitch.  My Husband is my biggest fan, but we both know that I’m still a novice and the disclaimer is on the front of this blog, learning to be a newlywed.  I intend to be as chunky and buttery as Paula Dean some day, but until then, a poor, tired woman’s meal will do.

Basically, I get home from work, aching, breaking, but most importantly, ravenous. On a health day, I would take out some onions and garlic, but even chopping can be an exhausting task for my hands and joints.  Standing too long makes just about everything hurt, but life doesn’t end at 5pm.  I must eat and feed the ones I love.  If he’s lucky, he gets clean underwear too. Laughing. Out. Loud.

Items needed: A rice cooker, pressure cooker, and medium pot at least 5 quarts).  See the rest below.

1) Take out all the spices. And Olive Oil.

Onion powder, Garlic powder, Bay Leaves, Cumin, Dill Weed, Curry (homemade from now on for me)

Also , basic salt and pepper. For toppings you will need either Greek plain yogurt, Sour Cream, or Feta Cheese crumbles.

2) Gather all subject foods:

(Sorry about picture placement, still haven’t gotten to that part in my HTML book.)

Note: Whole foods all the way.  Less chemicals, toxins, cleaner, and more nourishment.  There are variations of course.  If Husband is in town, we get jasmin rice which is still whole and pure, just hulled.  Make sure they haven’t added salts, oils, or preservatives.  You do that on your own.  For the extremely sensitive gluten free watchers, be careful about the warnings.  A trace of wheat will not do much to me, but worth a caution. Last but not least, if you struggle getting your brown rice to come out soft and fluffly, buy organic.  big different in softness.

3) Rinse all in respective cooking containers. Refill with water (according to likeness or package label):

  • Rice in rice cooker (Must have!) (For brown rice 2 cups of water per 1 of rice)
  • Lentils in pot (Should already.) (About 6 or 7 cups of water)
  • Black beans in pressure cooker.  (If you don’t have a pressure cooker, cook in much larger pot and make sure you soaked them overnight. Follow package instructions because I’m doing the pressure cooker method here.) (7 or 8 of water)

4) Prep

  • Rice: Throw in salt to taste and a half of teaspoon of oil
  • Lentils: To taste: Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder for easy version.  Add all other spices mentioned above for a party in your mouth. About two bay leaves. HOLD THE DILL WEED. Go Crazy on the Curry.  The others, about one tablespoon.
  • Black beans: To taste – Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.  Lots of onion and garlic.

5) Light it on fire!

  • Rice: about 30 minutes, depending on how many cups you made
  • Lentils: Bring to boil, and then down to a strong simmer for 45 mins.
  • Black beans: Bring to a boil or when the pressure majigger is toppling about, and bring to medium heat for 30-45 mins.  (This varies on the cooker you have, check instructions)

6) Sit down and catch up on a book or watch The Simpsons if that’s the only decent thing to watch on antenna.

Please listen to the music while you’re holding.

7) Serve!

Rice in bowl, dump on plenty of dill weed. Pour the lentils on top. Add one tablespoon of plain greek yogurt (Mom would used sour cream), or drizzle Feta Cheese (I use Athenos which is not real feta, be that know to ye). Scramble and enjoy all the protein you need to get you by.  A spicy/cool dish. Voila! Mangia! Eat it!

8 ) Oh yea, the black beans are for tomorrow. Eat it with leftover brown rice and butternut squash,(another throw in the oven and leave gem) , scrambled eggs and an avocado, tortilla wraps and quick and easy ground organic turkey that doesn’t taste as dead as processed dead turkey; make sure cheese is involved if you’re not a vegan or have the butt bursts.

You can take half of that amount and put in the Magic Bullet or Blender, then some oil in a pan and heat them up to a boil.  You got refried beans that are muy rico.

Lentils and Coconut Rice

Here is the recipe without the beans included, and a very special feature to change it up (still easy), Coconut Rice! Also, is the version if you have enough chopping energy for full flavor.  Nummy, Nummy!


1) 1 cup of Lentils

2) Onion powder or 1/2 and onion (no need to dice)

3) Garlic powder or 2 garlic cloves (no need to dice)

4) Salt to taste

The rest of the spices and ingredients are optional, but awesome all together. Add your own if you like:

SPICES (All to taste)

5) Curry – Heap it on

6) Bay leaves – 2 or 3 leaves

7) Cumin

8 ) Dill Weed (dry)

TOPPINGS (either or)

9) Feta Cheese

10) Greek Plain Low or Nonfat Yogurt

Rinse lentils.  Follow the water:lentil ratio on the bag. Bring to a boil.  Simmer for 45 minutes.  That’s it.


2 cups jasmine rice

1 can unsweetened coconut milk

1 cup water

salt to taste

I make the rice with a rice cooker and go according to the usual directions.  It takes about 20 minutes.  If you don’t have a rice cooker, go buy one! I use mine about 3 times a week.


Serve desired amount of rice.  Sprinkle the rice with a ton of dill weed. Pour desired amount of lentils over it.  Add a heaping tablespoon of either feta cheese of Greek yogurt.  Mix and ready to serve. All protein and carb requirements are made.

Set up the lentils first for time-length purposes, then the rice and sit back.

There it is ladies and gentlemen…an easy Monday recipe that would make felon Martha Stewart and psycho Rachel Ray say Mmm..now thats good, and Yumm-o!  No chopping required, about 8 minutes or less of prep time, and foods that’ll help the week get started and leave plenty of leftovers.

I know I said I’m gonna stop promising things, but there a tortilla tutorial coming in the near future.  I just won’t promise when.  We eat too much bread. I… can’t eat bread that doesn’t taste like paste.  So it’s time to change it up.  White Boys go crazy for these.

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I’m staying home from work today.  I feel like P. Diddy.  I brused my teeth with a bottle of Jack.  So long as I’m going to be drunk in the mornings, I might as well take up drinking, eh?  Alcohol will kill whatever I got.

My head and eyes are swollen and my brain can only be described as having some activity on the seismic scale.  When I walk it feels like my body parts are not communicating with each other.  I’m going back to sleep after breaking my fast and watching Dr. Oz (which is not my cup of tea). I swear I’m going to lose all the Oprah and Oz fans if I come clean on my view of them.  I kid, Oz isn’t so bad…  Oprah is.

Usually, I scramble and search for the point in time where I went wrong to set off severe symptoms.  I’m trying to learn not to blame myself for something I did, I ate, I took, and later ended up knocked down.  I can’t prevent from causing every single flare no matter how much money I spend on organic food, how many pee-tasting potions I drink, or how much I deny my cats hugs and kisses (mildly allergic).  Buuut I’m stubborn and still chastise myself when I ‘think’ I know what I did.  Still beating my self up for the Vicodin I took yesterday.

My husband knows more about painkillers and medicines than half the doctors that are getting shut down in Florida do.  He warned me and was adorably vigilant in the way I took them.  I took them as needed, and only half.  But after taking them awhile, their effectiveness wears off and the moods begin to wobble.  I was desperate yesterday. I’ve read that Lupsters end up paying hard if they don’t manage stress and sleep like handling a Faberge egg. I haven’t slept well in 3 days (out of discomfort and/or missing my ‘body pillow’), was in pain, and tried to re-do the spare room without help, but I knew I had to make it to work today. Mmm hmm. Not gonna happen.  Being knocked out by the pill sure lessened the morning pain, I woke up okay in that department.  But I woke up sad and crying.  For no reason.  Watching Dr. Oz here on the screen, he would say that my dreams were subconsciously telling me there is something wrong in my life.  Ya think?  But he would need to be given the proper intel: narcs change your brain chemistry, Doc. Simple.

Once I called in sick, after much deliberation and harassing my sister via text and leaving Husband messages for when he wakes up in Miami about how I wanna make that money to get a food processor and need to be at work and the world was going to fall apart if I didn’t go assist administratively, it was like I finally had that cosmo and I relaxed.  My body is tired and stressed.  And for someone who has an inflammation and an oxidative stress disease, I’m attending my full-time job way too much.

I continue beating myself up and telling myself I need to save my time off for the chiropractor, for the rheumy doc, and maybe indulge the idea that I can take a real vacation day soon.  Trying to reason with yourself when your brain ironically would rather sing Ke$ha songs to protect you from hurting yourself… is not a good idea.  Take that dollar-sign from the universe and stay home.  Don’t I always say pay attention to your body?  I’m the first to admit I that taking your own advice is harder than pooping with someone standing outside the door.

The benefit of today: I had a real breakfast.  I ditched Quaker for a new man, Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats that all these hippies are talking about.  Quaker has never claimed to be gluten-free and there’s risk of cross-contamination.  And yes, they we’re much fresher tasting and yummier than the processed ones.  Soymilk, a monkey-sized banana, blueberries, and  quarter-sized dollop of peanut butter.

So, here’s what I was working on writing last night before my brain started to party in its skull:

This draft was supposed to be an I CANT HAVE PIZZA rant.  By the time I’m ready to post it, the winds of food have changed.  Brownies are too sweet, fast food seems so plastic-y, and I put the ice cream right back in the freezer after having two sorry spoonfuls.  I don’t even know who I am anymore, but I’m crushing on this new mysterious stranger.  This detox may kick my a$$ energy0wise, but the progression is noted.   I feel cleaner.  My appetite is not dangerous anymore, I’m desire healthier things, I don’t want to kill people who eat a slice in front of me.  Well, yes.  I still do.  But I didn’t know I had accepted my situation until today (that was yesterday).  Three recent things have happened:

Number 1: I walked into a Taco Bell and didn’t long for the gastric caress of a grilled stuff burrito (I went to get tickets to Nuclear Cowboyz, not a Chalupa).  The smell of crumbled mystery meat simmering in grizzle didn’t appeal to me.  I stopped to identify what was the longing sensation I was feeling: It was the emotional connection of being stuffed and indulged once I’ve gobbled the burrito without ever tasting it.  It was the immediate satisfaction.  Two weeks ago, I would’ve caved and ate it in front of my cats making them promise not to tell my husband.

Number 2: For lunch I found myself eating an apple, a handful of blueberries, roasted edamame, hummus, and celery sticks, and felt very satisfied and proud.

Number 3: I found this website http://hungryhungryhippie.com/. Please also see the Favourite Links page for the other website I added as well.  My life is about to change.  Now I’m sure this great lady doesn’t want to be put on a pedestal and I won’t, but I find her fantastic.  With so many diet restrictions,  I haven’t found a flexible, easy diet (because I get fatigued too fast when I make complicated and long meals) that makes palatable sense to me other than a macro diet, and the answer to that is: yea right!  I’m hungry and always will be.  Her diet matches my diet.  It’s interesting, versatile, and crunchy.  I have been perusing (that word is  so pretentious for wannabe writers) her website for two days now and couldn’t wait for the weekend to start trying some of her ideas.

For dinner I had leftover brown rice, threw a butternut squash in the oven, and mashed half a little hass avocado all folded in with the rice like sour cream.  And oh.my.god!  Food-gasm!  First I’ve had in a long time since I’ve been banned from what-we-consider regular food.  I made yummy noises that I shouldn’t be making when Husband is out of town.  Chelios and Mishka were terrified.

It's a celly pic, so pardon the quality.

Detox process is in full gear.  I am not craving crap anymore.  Or veggies that kick me around.  I’m not lactose intolerant but out of my own free will, I kicked the dairy habit.  Cheese naturally produces morphine and opiates after all; why do you think we GOTTA HAVE it on everything?

More mini updates:

  • I’ve had to drop the green tea.  Too twitchy, even though on low caffeine.  Slso acidity rate was becoming obvious, tummy burns.  It helped with inflammation immensely though, so that sucks.  Sticking to ginger tea and might try Turmeric tea.
  • That celery juice…added pure aloe vera, cinnamon and ginger to the blender. Bellisimo!
  • I now need a tofu press and a more fierce and bigger food processor that’ll whip foods hiney, literally and figuratively.  Eating completely different requires change in thinking, budgeting, and accessories.  I wish it required a new wardrobe too.

So, I’ve had friends offer to cook for me only to find out that they have no idea what to make, even if they’re willing to change up their menu.  Another conundrum was the first time I rattled off the list of things I couldn’t eat to my sister so she can cook for me when I visit her back home.  She waited for me to shut my gluten-free no-pie hole and rightfully asked: “Well, what CAN you eat?”.  (Also coming to posts near you)

Here is an example of my green-light foods, I’m on a rotating diet of  (all foods must be organic or at least whole, artificial,dye, and preservative free)

  • Lentils (mine and Husband’s fav)
  • Brown Rice
  • Jasmine rice
  • Black Beans
  • Eggs (I’m doing Egglands best, but intend to switch to organic, range-free, from the farms where they don’t kill the irrelevant male chicks 😦 )
  • Tortillas (Salvadorian style)
  • Salmon
  • Non-spicy spices
  • All herbs
  • Corn Cereal
  • Rice Crackers
  • Rice Cake
  • Hummus
  • Peanut Butter
  • Almond butter
  • Apples
  • All kinds of berries
  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli (I don’t care for cooking broccoli. Stinks.)
  • Watermelon
  • Celery
  • Carrot (sticks)
  • Cucumber
  • Onion
  • Soups w/o strong spices
  • Occasional Grass fed turkey or chicken (hardly ever, don’t care for the taste of dead animals)
  • Occasional Greek non-fat yogurt or white cheeses

Just added to my list:

  • Butternut squash… where have you been all my life?

It sounds boring to someone accustomed to a different diet, but I’m not bored by it.  I love it.  And when you can’t just go out and pick up a burger, you get really creative mixing and matching.  Recipes and pictures will write themselves eventually.  This week has sucked for energy and activity so when I feel whole again, I’ll share how I’ve been managing to cook lately.

(Drastic conclusion cut-off.)

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I Saw Red#40!

It’s becoming a once weekly habit (habit that must be curbed) to talk myself into trouble. Thanks to insistent suggestions on prime time’s syndicated television, I’ve had a violent hankering for strawberry flavored ice cream. It’s a mystery how sugar depravity can make me slicker and enhance my self-justification skills toward any illicit actions. I can talk myself into feeling good about almost anything detrimental.

My diet must remain very low in sugar.  Confectionery items are allowed but sparingly within a month’s time.  The most important part, to ensure my immune system is working at it’s maximum, it must be limited to organic and natural treats.  At this point I have no excuse in my life to be eating anything with preservatives or high corn fructose syrup (Except that the nearest Whole Foods is a million miles away. That’s how far it feels when my body is complaining). Did you see how I just justified having any ol’ adultered cookie in my life again?

A few weeks ago, I read the McDonald’s ice cream portion of their Sundae nutrition facts online.  Although much less than 15 dubious ingredients, I knew the sugar content was high and that corn syrups make your digestive system work too hard.  This is not just because I’m more sensitive to foods; it goes the same for every person.   Additionally , dairy is another food group that I must tip-toe around carefully. Only minimally processed dairy, if at all, or here come the hives and tummy discomfort.  Mind you, I’m not lactose intolerant, but any foreign chemical in my body will tell my autoimmune system there’s a new playground to explore, so it best be pure.

I drive up to the window in shame, as I don’t belong there for any excuse in the book. At the talking, static-y menu, I order a strawberry sundae.  Pulling up to the pay window, it occurs to me I could be making a monstrous mistake.  I never checked the toppings list!  I ask the awkward-acne-freckle faced adolescent boy,

“Would you be able to find out if the strawberry sauce contains food color & dye #40?”

With a non-confident shrug he tells me, “Uhhhmm, I dunno. Uhmmm I don’t think so. Uh, I mean, it’s just strawberries.”

“Just strawberries?  JUST STRAWBERRIES???”, I clamored to the high heavens!  Well, what I really said was, “Do you mind checking to see if you can find out for sure?”

This coming-of-age teenager works at McDonald’s and yet he so innocently thinks what you see is what you get? He probably thinks those Big Macs are made from happy healthy cows skipping alongside fully-feathered flying chickens in a wide open field where the sky is always blue and it never rains!  Bless his heart again. I suppose it wasn’t my job to fill him in that there’s probably baby chick beak in his golden crispy nuggets.  What was I doing there?

Moving on up to the pick-up window, unbeknownst to the server, she hands me a sundae with the nuclear red fruit goop generously drizzled over my white sugary ice cream. Re-submitting my inquiry, she kindly checked with the scrambling servers in the back (it seems nobody in the Riverview McDonald’s has ever asked to know the nutritional ingredients, unless they’re smarter than I am and just stay away from such a place).

“Yes! It does!”,  someone hollered in the background between the french fry heat lamps and corn syrup dispenser.

I cussed up a storm with my inside voice, “Is it okay to change it for a caramel one? I’m not able to have Red #40.”

With a smile she politely obliged.  I paid and I was off.  I ate half of my sundae, justifying that half the damage is better than all of it.  I don’t even want to know what’s in the caramel surprise.

Check your favorite McD's Snack Ingredient Fact. Double dog dare you.

That switch spared me from being knocked down for 3-7 days with a migraine that comes complete with fireworks displays. It’s a 15 minute reaction time to any red artificial ingredient, but more so lasting with the FDA approved food dye and coloring.  Go figure.  Even the unsuspecting Sobe LifeWater will also give my vision and perceptive senses an ecstasy-like “wah-wah”, only with accompanying excruciating brain pain.

This account is not to say there wasn’t any more lesson-learning to be had. The difference between the cheap sundae  and the Natural Breyer’s Ice Cream I should’ve splurged $3 more on (in my defense, I was extremely weak from the work week and wouldn’t last a trip to the store)(more justifications), was still a strong acid response to an already out-of-balance body.  The next two hours I was tossed into bed with weird numbness in my legs and prickling in my shoulders before I could move smoothly again.

The moral of this story, don’t toy with a delicate balance, no matter how much sweetness one need in one’s life.  (Justification No. #I Lost Count: Husband has been out of town for abour 5 days now, the longest he’s every been, and my health logic is wearing thin because I miss his perky butt).

Let me sweetly reiterate that I do not condemn anyone else who does not memorize all the ingredients in restaurants and fast food joints. This is my lifestyle and its wonderful to those who do not live with such restrictions.  My sharing this episode to show what a fragile environment we live in, so that more and more people are becoming intolerant to unnatural ingredients, and that it should not come as a surprise to anyone, anymore, that what we unwittingly stuff into our mouths could be the reason why we’re so tired, achy, and sick.  If your lovely child is bouncing off the walls, get the food diary when you give him/her M&Ms.  No exaggeration: I’m one step away of recording my man-child’s reactions.

It’s second nature to me, usually, to be hyper aware of every single food I consume.  I will not preach to you about hydrogenated oil if we go out to eat together, but I will send our waiter to the chef once or twice to verify that I don’t get any meals that will flare up my knees and elbows.  I will not always react strongly to foods, but for the most part I must be vigilant about what and how much I eat.  Also, I can take a joke or two about it, cause in the end its so hilariously surreal.

Some people are blessed with metabolizing chemical compounds like it’s nobody’s business.  I’m still waiting for Husband to break in half or for his liver to fall out of his butt. Doctors really are baffled at how he hasn’t reacted to years of accumulating compounds.  Makes me so sick I could shove a few Cinnabons down his throat just to get some relative empathy after I eat a Ritz cracker.  Luckily, he still shies away from enriched breads and greasy foods and may be his saving grace.

Well, yesterday night was rough and somewhere in the cluttered back of my head, I knew I would pay for it.  The battle to resist yummy foods continues…

…but if you ever see me reach for a pink cupcake without reading the label first, you’re free to smush it in my face.


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