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Britney Spears Prophesizes the End of the Times

Housewives, either with lucrative careers or unsatisfying desk jobs, still, at the end of the day, have the inherent need to socialize, be involved, and do their part in the world.

*Like I mention in my Tid-Bits,  I won’t be involving the spiritual aspects that fulfill women, or any person; although it does largely pertain to some of the following.  Fill in your own blanks there.

Aside from yapping with girlfriends and contemporary mommies, secular interests and exchangin ideology plays a part in women’s connectedness. News, politics, trends, and world events are a part of that background life, even if it’s not personally high in our esteem.

In the case of politics, personally, I don’t carry these things in the forefront or feel too strongly about them.  I’m neutral about politics, and try not to opine on something that is only a smoke-screen, while the top-dawgs play chess with us pawns.  I only try not to watch in horror.

My attention attempts to focus on my home, my family, faith, friends and some R&R.  But when I am housewifing away and needing to distract myself from tedious laundry folding or that husband is still two days from returning home, I turn on that frickin TV; like a robot.  And since I only have a meager nano iPod -because I lovingly surrendered my 120GB treasure with a 300,000 song capacity to Husband for his job- the residual comparison that of 8 gb’s is not enough to bother changing out the same old albums.  And, I’m easily bored by not-new music.

Slightly digressing, I did get the new Britney Spears CD, Femme Fatale, but it’s only okay, and the auto-tune isn’t going to carry my interest through for more than a week.   So, again, the TV.  And since basic television (no cable or satellite by our mutual choice, or we’d never get anything done) is so bad it makes you want to cut yourself in inconspicuous body parts, you’re left with the painstaking George Lopez or the predictable 10:00 o’clock news.  There is only occasional relief from the show Fringe, which is bad a$$.

So the options:

—boredom by radio music without real instruments

—death by un-funny, mediocre, or overly scripted news and television, out-shined by a bombardment of commercials of the plastic surgery you need and getting your Feast On at Checkers

— or silence.  And teaching the cats to say dirty words in Spanish.

And I shamefully admit to having a slightly unbalanced rotation of these.  Except for the cat thing.  You know I don’t speak Spanish, Baxter!  I usually pick silence, and then my housework has no rhythm and preparing a simple meal takes  lifetime to complete.

Until I can figure out how to hook up www.slacker.com radio to my stereo or afford another mega-iPod, my goal is to keep that TV off, even if I need a lending hand in the background while I wash the dishes (my dishwasher sucks).  I will not allow Inside Edition to create ambiance in my house.  I won’t have it anymore.  I will succumb to going back and forth, with soapy hands, between my sucky iPod and moving the shuffle button along through the albums I’m sick of.  I will look into audiobooks, since I don’t have time to read anymore anyway.

But the point to all this is mostly that:  I will no longer bother watching the crap on television unless I’m purposely going to watch a specific show or carefully selected movie (one with actual dialogue) that I like.  No. More. Mainstream. Media.  No more re-runs of that dysfunctional-hailed lunatic Charlie Sheen’s Two Men and a Baby or whatever.  Not funny.  Not charming.  Downright degrading and misogynistic.  A quick mourn for all the brain cells that I’ve neglectfully exposed to the tube and moving on.

However, I don’t think its wise to be completely disconnected from world events either.   Especially the way things are going now.  But ABC and Faux (Fox) News is definitely not the place to know what’s going on.  If I hear about one more dog who adopted a litter of pigs or find out what a Snookie is despite all my efforts to be dis-informed about it/her/him, I swear I will go Postal on the Good Morning America team.  (I have a dream of punching them in the face, all in a row).  The mainstream agenda pushes mental illness on kids. Hell, they push ADHD on any person with a hint of stress.  They’re feeding us bull about wars and wasting air time with highly scrutinized rehearsed, cut, rolled, and smoked presidential press speeches, which only inform of us our impending doom.  And they show emotionally unnecessary playbacks of the most painful scenes in Japan.  And we watch, because what other news do we know?  And because our brains are genetically (more recently technically and addictively) wired to watch train wrecks.  And so our stress levels follow suit.

Now, I don’t know if there is an elephant in the country about who owns the news stations and the way they choose, chop and screw the information they’ll force-feed us, or whether people genuinely know that there is so much more going on then a soldier saying hi to his family on webcam.   A buttload of is not being said about what truly affects our day-to-day and though in the end, we cannot do much about it, if I am to be informed, I’d rather hear some unfiltered and propaganda-exempt free-press.  Or read somethings else with IQ (or EQ) value.

In case you’re curious, here are some links of the more informed, publicly censored , journalists who don’t require an excessively staffed entourage and botox to be on a screen, without the mind-numbing, intelligence-mocking, drug-pushing mumbo-jumbo on TV:



It’s also free from other alternative, schizophrenic, fear-mongering news you can get from Alex Jones or Infowars.  These guys scream ‘conspiracy’ and although it is mostly likely true, if you holler like banshee, people will automatically question your veracity. Thank you for that, Reptilian George Bush believers.

I like the more fact based, neutrally dispensed, honed key points, and occasionally healthy whistle-blowers,  that actually tell us where the real problems are coming from and leave it up to us how we will protect ourselves and our families.  Issues like:

The pentagon spending more money on war that the government spends on the Citizens of America.:


Or how Monsanto (the boss of mostly everything you buy on the shelves and produce section) is still secretly circumventing ways around the FDA and USDA to genetically modify our foods, unnaturally altered foods that are getting people sick.  *ferociously points at self!!!*


And while on the topic of unproven conspiracies, Brit-Brit’s hit song is the same exact song as Enrique Iglesias, “Tonight I’m Loving you.” Yes, it is.  If you’re keen on picking up on pattern recognition, you already suspected this.


I know, I know…from the outside in, it seems I have a cynical way to view the music and tv that comes into our homes. But yes,  there is so much garbage out there eager to reach our eyes and ears and I’m not letting it come into my home to leave me wondering why I feel so off, disconnected, conflicted, and misinformed.  Even unmotivated at times.  The numbers of issues and our general ignorance has played a huge part in why I’m not healthy and must spend my free time catching up on chores.  So yes,  I’m a little more careful of what buzzing media influences my view of life.  And yes,  I’m also just insatiably curious of why the Department of Defense is mysteriously, unquestionably, not required to list their books when they suck up all our monies.

As fun as it is to sing and “keep on dancing til the world ends”, all that party vibe, live for the weekend, or reality TV has a small, monitored, place in my little world.  With all I got going on, with all that the universe has going on, I had momentarily slipped into the hypnotic bad habits of the American mass, but occasionally I take note of where I’d like to be at and whether I’m there.  The more important things have my attention now.

I will stick to reading, maintain a relatively awareness to the world around me, keeping up with the times but away from the hype, more in-tuned with building relationships, individual growth, and keeping my house a peaceful, cozy place.

Thanks for reading and hope you get your tax refunds back before the universes’ consciousness shifts.

P.S. My husband thinks I’m a dork.  Haha.

Disclaimer: I understand this is probably not the most popular standpoint when it comes to media, entertainment, and leisure, but it’s taken about 28 years to embrace the gritty feeling of going against the grain.  That being said, I relate to all and respect everyone’s stance on how they choose to work, play, and their individual viewpoints, whether strong and laid-back.  Variety is the spice of life and it helps raise the important questions.


Look at that! In español.  What?  You thought Telemundo wouldn’t stoop to corporate buy-outs?

Pa tu mama!


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