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More Organic Products Reviews, The Good, Bad, and The Yucky

All the young ones are out! It’s Friday night!

All the old ones are putting on stretchy pants and cuddling in their couch with a date or cat. Who’s with me?!

I’ll be at home tonight with two meowing carpets interrupting my movie.  Husband is out of town.  Although he will be missed greatly and certainly not taken for granted, this is the perfect time to catch up with everything I should’ve done while he was gone the first half of the week, or just to have some quiet time without having to feed his voracious appetite every two hours.  I choose for a bit of both.  I just about killed myself with a gluten-free brownie, via Bonefish Grill.  The taste: so worth it.  The five-finger-death-punch: not worth it.  Won’t be doing that again (ask me again after another stressful work week).  I’m currently remedying the situation with celery juice, a successful new tradition in my home.  This tonic has saved a little piece of my comedic life.

Tonight I will do my usual Classical Stretch since I’ve been surprisingly more flexible and agile lately.  I daren’t expound on it for fear that this feel-good is a fluke or just the wonders of not having to sustain pain at work for 8 hours tomorrow.  But I will also push a small boundary.  Small and careful, for I’m known to break my own records and then break my fragile bones.

I’m will face off with the elliptical.  A frenemy that I haven’t confronted for months.  Fifteen minutes. Level One. Versus my ex-45 minutes, level 8, interval climb.  The second I feel my ankles or knees complain, I’m down. Off. Try again at another time.  I’ll keep you updated on how that turns out.  It may be that I’m not ready to exert anything and I’m just mentally in a good, but deceptive, place.

Okay! New items I’ve tried:

Giovanni 50/50 Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Amazing-a! Although not as organic as Kiss My Face Everyday Shampoo.  Still safe.  This one suds up yummily.  Nice and slimy.  A little product goes a long way.  I can tell the healing of damaged hair is not immediate, but its long lasting.  My hair is already thicker.  Husband couldn’t believe I hadn’t blow dried my hair on the first try.  Free of sulfates and all that other crap that destroys hair.  No parabens, existing in most average shampoos that are known as carcinogenic and estrogenic.  So if you want to keep your colored hair looking hued much longer, these are great. Click for the inexpensive link of $4.43 each.  I, the idiot, paid $8.99 for each at Whole Foods. You raped me, WF!

Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave – Unscented

Alba Moisturizing Shave Cream

I have always used sensitive skin foaming shaving gels and still would get nicks and dry ucky skin.  Fail!  This shave cream was divine.  Unscented was a plus for my recently angry skin.  I’ve been getting hives from who knows what allergy.  This left me all silky and touchable and desirable….ask the cats.  5 stars. Again, buy at Vitacost, my dears. WF didn’t accost me this time, but Nutrition S’mart mishandled me in Tampa.  I spent $5…. $3.75 online.  What I spend on gas, I would have saved on time and energy for shipping.

Kiss My Face Summer Liquid Rock

Kiss My Face Summer Liquid Rock Deodorant

Three thumbs down. I don’t know what came over me, but I didn’t read the label cautiously as I threw it in the cart.  Still cheaper at Vitacost, but somehow I missed the part about it being a roll-on.  I saw “liquid rock” and assumed it was a stick.  I didn’t even know they still made those wet, sloppy rolly-bally majiggers because in my mind, why would consumers keep demanding such a product?  Ugh.  Unless you’re into that slap noise a damp armpit makes, don’t try it. At least it smells great, cause now I have to give it use.  No giving away THAT personal a toiletry.  Next time, I will get the STICK, which was what I was suggested by a friend.  No parabens or aluminum, so you don’t get cancer in one of the embarrassing body parts.  Also, this is a major lymph node site.  I know because during the initial stages of detox, this is the first location where I experienced the pain of toxins clearing out.  Very strange place to have issues.

Namaste Foods Vanilla Cake Mix – Allergen Free

Namaste Vanilla Cake Mix

Worth the risk for cake, but a disappointing outcome.  Completely allergen free was the selling point! No histamine ingredients.  Not even potatoes which is my personal foe.  (I’ll explain the potato thing in the near future). Costs about the same at Vitacost compared to both other two health food stores around here.  It might have turned out better if I had made a different cake. I’m not sure.  But it had a bit of a butt taste.  A soapy butt.  The baking soda was too prevalent and I had to drown out the funk with pineapple and ice cream.  I even had a whole spunky entry ready for you guys called Down in the Dump Cake featuring a jolly mix of happy cake recipe and depression straight-talk; with fabulous step-by-step pictures and all.  But it doesn’t matter because I burnt the pecans and didn’t put the memory card in the camera.  Great blogger am I!

Namaste has a great line of flours and mixes for all kinds of baked goods. Anyway, I have some left over and I might try one last experiment with it.  It may not be as great as butter and all-purpose wheat flour.  But butt cake is better than no cake.  I can’t believe it’s come to that.

Country Life Omega 3.6.9 Ultra Concentrated

Country Life Omega 3.6.9. Ultra Concentrated

I could literally kick myself.  If I’m too tired, you can take a whack at it.  On sale, I paid $26 for these $30 supplements.  On Vitacost: $17.30.  Never again.  As much as I love shampoo and soft legs, this is the most prized find as of yet.  With Wolf disease (lupus) and similar conditions, it is common for hair to thin out, fall out, or have trouble receiving nutrients.  I’m not sure why or how.  As a matter of fact, it was the symptom that lead me to re-test myself for the lab results that would determine my problems.  I haven’t found a legitimately source that can explain this, not even after a $1,000+ scalp biopsy from a Dermatlogist that was more of a bad comedy than anything else.  Hair means 75% percent of a women’s appearance and self-confidence.  I go through many lengths (unintended pun…yay) to keep it healthy and affixed to my stubborn cranium.  A kind knowledgeable floor agent at WF (more so than my doctors) suggested that I exaggeratedly increase my flax oil and seed intake, and all things fishy.

Since its probable I would break bank and die of mercury poison from eating salmon every day,  I opted for a good Omega 3.6.9.  The previous one I had was a cheapo from Target.  It was eh.  Better than nothing.  But this one, in one week its slowed down the onset of muscle pain, inflammation is manageble, and hair looks more nourished (consider the use of new hair products too).  I was even comfortable enough to bust out my 4″ers for a quickie date before Husband had to ship off again.  Hindsight is 20/20, so flats would’ve been smarter; but to even think about sexy over convenience doesn’t cross my mind as much as it does a healthy person.

A good combination of the omegas help: cardiovascular, skin, brain, and immune health.  It fights inflammation and inflammation is that precursor to ANY and ALL diseases (recent findings that I may talk about in the future).  Basically, everything that goes wrong when your body is out of balance.  If you’ve been inexplicably off lately and can no longer blame it on the full moon, try your luck with this.  It even helps you lose weight (if you’re doing your part) since everything in your blood and other traveling byways are functioning at its maximum.  It’s greasing the wheels.  This could be why I feel so confident that I’m ready to do some pedaling on the cardio monster. If I recommended any one product on here, it would be the Omega supplements. At Vitacost.

BVLGARI – Au the blanc

BVLGARI - au the blanc

No. It’s not organic and it’s not economical.  But it was an anniversary gift Husband searched far and wide before being able to find it in his scarce spare time.  I don’t wear many scents if ever.  But this line of fragrant products was in the all-inclusive resort we stayed at in San Jose, Los Cabos, for our honeymoon.  I’ve been lugging around my one left-over miniature body lotion and rationing it out for special occasions.  This year, he knew how to win me over.  Though it came late, it came with perfect timing after a rough month of aches, pain and mostly frustration.  I want to melt in the Pacific Ocean every time I smell it.  It takes me back with a longing passion to those perfect days, luxurious service, and natural foods (yes, I found an organic resort!).  The nostalgia that quickly became attached to the scent is forever sealed.  And no headaches! Bellisimo!

There you have it.  The latest review of things that will aid your temple to concentrate on resisting the heavy influx of chemicals coming our way and give you a bit more peace of mind.  They are inexpensive, they usually work better for immediate results, and for long-term revitalization.

Next on Stimulating the Economy I shall probably explore a good leave-in conditioner and if enough research is done, a good facial moisturizer.  Oh, and homemade cleaning products too.  If you are curious about other organic products and you have any particular suggestions or inquiries, I just might experiment as well since the goal here is to transform all my household products to natural anyway.  Okay, I’m off to pedal myself back to Cabo. Toodaloo!

P.S. I’ve already had one reader/friend/fresh newlywed try one of the last products I recommended and her face has already begun to smoothen, cleanse, heal, clear up.  And..she found it on sale!  I wouldn’t lie to you, see?

P.P.S Disclaimer: I’m not a professional.  These are not suggestions approved by the FDA, not necessarily expert or doctor recommended, yada, yada, yada.  I’m an experimenter healing myself naturally and excited to share the improvements with those in the journey to find wellness as well.  Try at your own risk or share the products you’ve found with the coming readers.  Grazie.


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Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw

Some tunes while you read.  The video and song are completely irrelevant to the entry except for the matching titles, and maybe some symbolic reference to scar tissue.  If you try really hard to make it fit.  It’s just a pretty song.  I love how the guy is cracking his fingers in the beginning:

You can read the story leading up to the goodies, or jump straight down for candy shopping.

I was a runner and a strength training fiend.  I started running about 2 years ago; strength training since I was 19.  For measuring purposes, I’m 27 now. During the year I discovered the magical sport of running, the collagen on the soles of my feet deteriorated extremely fast for someone who was just getting started.  At this point, I was still a pretty physically healthy person but with unusual symptoms escalating.  That’s part of the reason I don’t wear heels now. It’s likable to bones hitting the floor without cushion, which causes inflammation to the surrounding muscle and tissues.  It was easy to assume I was simply over doing it because I wanted to be oh-so-skinny while eating everything in my path. My and shoulders were not healing correctly after shoulder presses and anything that involved the neck.  I would get abnormally stiff.  I was convinced I had simply slipped into habits of bad form. Then I was convinced I wasn’t stretching enough, which was true, for all those fanatics who think you don’t need to stretch. You’ve been warned.

Extra elapsed days were appearing in between workout sessions to let my body heal.   By the time I prematurely hung up on my beloved running, I was spending most of my time in the gym stretching for relief, abandoning the weight room.  No matter how much effort I put into re-aligning my spinal posture, I still have awkward spots that remain in active/or inactive muscles on my upper back, spreading gradually to the lumbar area.  What was happening is that I was creating a lot of scar tissue.  Only recently, have all these trouble spots advanced into considerable inflammation.  Although unsure of what exactly happens to my muscle and tendons, it is very similar to these descriptions.  I also had a chiropractor in North Carolina tell my my “special neck” was surrounded by this thick band of scar tissue, so as went through all these mysterious changes I knew what it felt like, and felt it was spreading.

The skin on the bottom of my feet became rough. My hands seem to be a tad bit tougher than before. Nothing too severe, and again, it was easy to assume I was just aging normally or that too many years in the gym were taking a toll.  I’m taking all action to circumvent avoidable progression of the symptoms.  When we’re healthy, we tend to forget that time and money spent on aesthetic maintenance is to keep our bodies in good functioning condition, not just an external beauty factor.  We put lotion on our hands because we like them soft, but what you’re doing is replenishing cells.  We scrub our tootsies because they look good in sandals, but we’re sloughing away dead cells and making way for new ones.  Everything we do to look good is coming deep down from a cellular level.

It was very strange to me when I had to start exerting extra time and effort to keep my skin conditioned and healthy.  My hair had always been abundant and my skin well moisturized, if not oily.  But now, my healing rate was perceivably slowing down.  Since childhood, I’d had certain sensitivities, but mom and I never put it together.  So eventually, certain eyeshadows starting causing allergic reactions on the eyelids, my hair no longer accepted moisture from ordinary shampoos or even cholesterol treatments.  Gradually, every beauty product I used was becoming obsolete to my aid.  Another factor I didn’t bother to consider was the foods I was eating because no doctor would even hint at a food intolerance.  I didn’t know better at the time. Had we known, I wouldn’t have had a recurring tiny fungal-like phenomenon of a rash on the little web between my fourth and pinky finger. The redness and itchiness of this mystifying spot had become a seasonal allergy indicator.

Following my gut that something was just not right, despite many friends and even family insisting I was worrying needlessly,  I started educating myself on beauty products, which led to illumination about food allergies, chemicals, preservatives, and color dyes.  My blood had built up toxins from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.  It was rejecting anything non-organic.  So I started switching to nature friendly creams and cleansing agents.

Since I don’t have average health, I have to be strictly mindful of products.  I can’t buy them for economic convenience or some smell-good gimmick.  It took trial and error, and lot of trips to Health Food stores, funky scents, and crumbly textures.  You may not have to know what hyaluronic acid is, but you probably should if you want to extend your longevity.  One should  toss around the idea of chucking some of the things (not all) in your toiletry cabinet and play with a new favorite. I’m not professional advertiser (yet), but I have collected useful info over time that is very useful to share with ladies who love their skin. These products have rocked my world! They’re better than the products loaded with scientific un-pronounceable names.

Jump below

Yummy-licious Organic Products

You can click on the picture to link you up in a new window. They’re available by various retailers, but I’m sharing the most economic places you can find them.

Tisserand Tea Tree and Grapefruit Skin Wash

I accidentally bought this as a face wash, thinking it was $8. I almost returned it when I realized I paid $16, but in one day I realized it cleans up better than Proactive.  Gets rid of blackheads and makes skin glow.  I lost the pallid ghost look and became Latin again overnight.  It also doubles as a shower gel and excels at the job too.

Earth Therapeutics Cracked Heel Repair

Running really damaged my feet.  They don’t heal well and need a lot of maintenance.  This stick smells so good I could eat my feet.  The results are immediate.  This product is simple and effective.

Himalayan Toothpaste

This Indian-made toothpaste will brush junk off your teeth like Arm &Hammer and Colgate could never dream of.  Gluten-free, flouride-free.  I originally paid $6 at Vitamin Shoppe until my Natural Health doctor told me about www.vitacost.com.  Of all items, this one impressed me the most.  Toothpaste is not a product we come to expect too much from. I could never go back to any other toothpaste and my pearly whites can skip a visit to the dentist this year. Oh yea, it helps in the whitening department.

Kiss My Face Shampoo

Shampoo is the most cautious risk I take.  I love my hair.  I switched from Loreal’s new sulfate-free life to this one from how finicky my scalp had become toward any foreign substances .  If your lovely locks hate you because of you’ve killed them with chemicals, this will give your broken ends a break.  Even if you only use it for a few days at a time.  Honestly, I love and prefer the feel gooey and slimy-soap feel of questionable substances in regular bottles, but I made this switch for the greater good.   I also air dry periodically for a few days.  It’s torture, I say, but not hopeless.

*Head’s up: this will not create suds or feel very slippery. It takes some getting used to but it will scrub your head good and clean, and leave your mane shiny and happy.

Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion - Original

This is the most recent jewel I found (this weekend!) and I kick myself for procrastinating on an easy online order because I wanted to “shop around” (I’m doing air quotes with my stubby fingers).  Last minute, I found myself in dire need of lotion and I paid $16.99 at Target for this bottle.  If you click on this picture’s link, Vitacost only charges $7.94! Kick, kick, kick. It’s available fragrance free and if you’re wondering what emollient means, click here.

It wasn’t amazing; it was miraculous.  I don’t exaggerate when I say I was desperate to find a good non-greasy but replenishing potion that didn’t leave me itchy or even drier than how I started.  I also needed something that wouldn’t break the bank, but I ended up dishing it out last minute anyway.  Lately, my skin doesn’t just get ashy, it cracks and bleeds. Honestly, I proclaim: I shall never love another.  Even my husband loved it -and a little mushy nonsense I have to throw in there- I still get warm fuzzies when Husband borrows my stuff or vice versa (blush).  Had I played a little riskier, even with shipping and handling, I would’ve still paid less than I did at Target. And, I could’ve also included Gluten-Free Cake mix in the shopping cart! Vitacost has it all, with only $5 shipping.

I’ll be trying more and products along the way and share any fabulous finds with you.  Next on my journey are shaving gels, aluminum-free deodorant, hair conditioners, and bath effervescent gimmicks.

Disclaimer: Everybody body is uniquely different and will have different results.  Try at your own risk. I’m not trying to convince anyone to drop all their current products or insinuate that they are bad for you.  Obviously, most persons do not have severe or even mild reactions to regular beauty items. That’s great. This is a little review for people who like natural/organic products, people who think average products are lacking, that some reactions might be delayed onset of continuous chemical use, and/or do not know what else might improve their situation without risking too much money or health. You may love or hate these products if you get curious.

All I’m saying is if I could, I’d make a heap of gift baskets with one each of these products, and give one to every special reader who subscribed to my blog.

Happy Slathering!


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