The Family

The New Bride

Courtesy of Pietri Photography

Of course I picked my favorite pic and probably one that doesn’t best describe me on daily basis.  I wish we could always have a hundred dollar gown, hair and make up artists, and a photographer at our disposal.  Also, it’s going to suck when I can no longer call myself a new bride.

The Husband

Pietri again

Although biased and this picture not doing its justice, he rocks my socks off.  I believe he hates this picture, but I love it.

The Couple


This is the fantasy I like to keep in my head…forever.

The Kids

Chev Chelios and Mishka the Kat

Nobody gets it like they do.

The Synthetic Fur Coat Monster

This is the one he wanted

Notice the tags still attached.  They got yanked off after some wedding brandy.  By me.

3 responses to “The Family

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  2. Katie Reilly Mitchell

    It’s great to see you! Such a beautiful bride!! John and I had our 6th anniversary this summer and have been together for 12, but it still feels new – you can be a newlywed as long as you like:)

  3. Aw thanks. I loved your post on the boyfriend. The picture on the keyboards? You can also have a rockin boyfriend for the rest of your life. lol.

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