• This page will be updated periodically as I think of nonsense to add.
  • I check out dozens of books but rarely finish any of them.
  • Things I will not blog about: work and spiritual beliefs. Work-talk gets bloggers fired and although highly involved in my faith, it’s even more personal than the peeing stories on here. And the internet is not the place for proselytizing. These topics might get mentions, but they will not be fully elaborated on to avoid critics.
  • This is not a ranting medium.  Although rants and vents will occur, it’s about life despite lupus.  It’s about health and balance, with a touch of insanity.
  • I have an alter-ego. Her name is Penelope Fey. She’s more fun than I am.
  • I don’t have a problem starting sentences with and or but, no matter what the rules.
  • All the other grammar rules I inadvertently break drive me mad. Including spelling errors.
  • The word lupus is disgusting to articulate. Just as much as I dislike saying the following words or terms: panty (plural is okay), meal, hubby, nipples, and offset-nipples.
  • Of all perfunctory small talk I dislike, I hate weather the most.  But I’ll politely oblige.
  • In this life (or the next) I Would like to learn/accomplish: cake decorating; photography; digital photo-editing; nutritionist; Lego engineering; how to build an engine; oil-painting; write a children’s book about a bunny; get an authentic Indian henna on hands; eat at an ethnic restaurant that eats with their hands or on the floor, or both.
  • Marriage is hard work; however, marriage does get better and better to unimaginable lengths.
  • I’m gluten sensitive, unable to eat nightshade vegetables, or cannot have foods artificial foods, foods with preservatives, chemicals, or coloring, without physical or neurological consequence.
  • I love books and turning their pages is a comfort.  Someone (not me) should lead a Kindle and Nook boycott.
  • My last meal would be my own huge sheet cake. No sharing. Buttercream. Vanilla and chocolate bread.

5 responses to “Tid-Bits

  1. Naner

    How about nipple panties…lol

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